Emanuelle Around the World

1977 [ITALIAN]

Action / Adventure / Drama / Thriller

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Laura Gemser as Emanuelle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen2 / 10

Having trouble sleeping? Just watch this movie then...

Right, well of course I am familiar with the "Emanuelle" movies, but by title alone and the fact that they are sexploitation movies. Oddly enough, given my fascination and interest in movies, then I've actually never sat down to watch a single "Emanuelle" movie. Not before now in 2021, at long last. And I had the chance to watch the 1977 movie "Emanuelle: Around the World" (aka "Emanuelle - Perché violenza alle donne?").

And let me just be the first to say that not only was this my first foray into the "Emanuelle" movies, but it is most certainly also my last. Wow, this movie was unfathomably slow paced and pointless.

I managed to endure a staggering 40 minutes of pure boredom and pointlessness, and then I just tossed the towel in the ring and gave up. Man, talk about an utterly complete waste of time.

The storyline told in "Emanuelle: Around the World" just didn't catch my interest, and it didn't help much that virtually nothing interesting happened throughout the course of the 40 minutes I suffered through. And the dialogue in the movie wasn't exactly riveting Shakespearian dialogue. Nor were the acting performances all that thrilling.

Sure, the main actress - Laura Gemser - was quite a stunningly beautiful woman in the movie, but there should be more to a movie than just having a pretty face and daring to do full nudity.

I think that the years have eluded "Emanuelle: Around the World" and the movie is a thing of the past, where it should remain. I can imagine that back in the 1970s, then movies like the "Emanuelle" series had a great impact, given the audacity of the visuals and the liberal freedom of showing semi-explicit scenes of lewd nudity and adult situations.

This was a waste of effort and also a waste of time. And I have absolutely zero interest in watching the rest of the movie, much less actually dabble with getting around to watching the other "Emanuelle" movies as a matter of fact.

My rating of "Emanuelle: Around the World" lands on a mere two out of ten stars. This was not a movie that fell into my liking or within the scopes of what I find interesting.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison7 / 10

Around the world in 80 lays.

Once again, Laura Gemser stars as sexy reporter Emanuelle, whose latest assignment takes her to India where a Tantric sex guru (George Eastman) claims to have discovered the secret to an everlasting climax. Although the guru proves to be a fake (he can't hold back forever with our heroine on the job),the feature leads the intrepid newswoman to discover the existence of a white slave ring, a scoop which takes Emanuelle bumping and grinding her way around the world, before returning to New York to find an even more shocking story involving top US politicians.

Although Joe D'amato's Emanuelle Around the World isn't as notorious as his earlier sleaze-fest Emanuelle in America, never quite managing to match that film's gruelling faux-snuff footage for sheer nastiness, it still packs a punch with hardcore sex footage, several non-explicit but still fairly harrowing gang-rapes, fun with fruit, and one particularly jaw-dropping moment in which a leering Chinese man introduces a bound, naked woman to his pets: a snake and a randy Alsation dog (Fido is so pleased to make her acquaintance, he gives her his bone).

Of course, sultry star Gemser never gets involved in any of the hardcore shenanigans herself, preferring only to actively partake in the usual assortment of simulated sex acts for which she is renowned: lesbianism, soft-core coupling and self-gratification. In addition to allowing Gemser to romp with almost everyone else in the film, the erratic story also provides D'amato with the opportunity to pad out his film with dull travelogue style footage and boring incidental characters (Italian exploitation favourite Ivan Rassimov is completely wasted in a pointless role). The result is a film with an unfocused and rather muddled style—easy-going and uneventful one moment, completely reprehensible the next—but one which still manages to be a fair bit of fun if you dig crazy 70s filth.

6.5 out of 10, rounded up to 7 for IMDb.

Reviewed by Woodyanders8 / 10

Solid and satisfying entry in the popular soft-core series

Intrepid and sexually voracious photojournalist Emanuelle (the insanely luscious and captivating Laura Gemser) takes on a dangerous assignment concerning violence against women in various male-dominated societies. During her investigation Emanuelle uncovers a sordid underworld that includes a white slavery ring, prostitution, a bogus Indian sex cult, bondage, lesbianism, degenerate American politicians, vicious rapists, and even a little bestiality. Director Joe D'Amato, working from a scrupulously kinky and depraved script by Maria Pia Fusco and Gianfranco Clerici, delivers oodles of tasty female nudity and scorching hot soft-core sex set pieces while relating the blithely trashy story at a snappy pace and maintaining a suitably seamy tone throughout. This picture further benefits from a sturdy cast of reliable Italian exploitation cinema regulars: Voluptuous blonde bombshell Karin Schubert as Emanuelle's gutsy reporter rival Cora Norman, Ivan Rassimov as the dashing and helpful Dr. Malcolm Robertson, George Eastman as smarmy and lecherous charlatan Guru Shanti, and the fetching Brigitte Petronio as the perky'n'pretty Mary. Legendary porn stud Paul Thomas pops up in a quick bit as a randy truck driver. The exotic globe-trotting locations add an extra tart'n'tangy flavor. Nico Fidenco's funky throbbing score does the get-down groovy pulsating trick. D'Amato's glossy cinematography provides a pleasing polished sheen. Well worth seeing for Emanuelle fans.

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