Elton John Live: Farewell from Dodger Stadium



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Reviewed by Birminghamukengland1 / 10

I love Elton's music but please give it up now!

I had high hopes for this but what's happened to his singing style?

He sings like he's got hiccups or something, like an old Irish jig. I can't put it into words but it's very strange, like the words are not joined together.

His band are older than Noah, not that there's anything wrong with this but the production lacked energy.

Elton's add libbing and extra Irish jig shouts got really annoying so I could take no more and switched it off 10 minutes before the end.

If I had tickets for this at the ridiculous amounts he's been charging I'd try to get a refund or sell them on now!

He's a music genius but just leave it at that now!

Reviewed by zkonedog8 / 10

One Last Nod To A Music Icon

There are actually quite a few reasons why "Elton John Live: Farewell from Dodger Stadium" shouldn't work. No one has the singing chops at 75 years old that they did in their prime, while an Elton John show isn't necessarily the most conducive to television (basically one man sitting at a piano). But "Farewell" is still a pretty compelling experience. Why? Because it is more of a tribute to John's legacy than anything else.

I don't want to say that the music here is bad--it most certainly is not. When Elton absolutely needs to, he can hit the key vocals and still retains that iconic sound the world knows and loves. But the limitations of the performer are inherent. There's isn't a ton of movement other than his hands flying across the piano.

What director Paul Dugdale does to make up for those limitations, however, is to turn these three hours into as much a celebration of Elton John's legacy as anything else. What really "works" are the pre-show interviews and in-show shots of costumed individuals--young and old--all having a wonderful time. Not only is John's music timeless, but he has also become an icon of and for the LGBT community. The melding of all those varying audiences--especially with zero overt political or social commentary whatsoever to bolster the point--is truly a sight to behold.

Overall, I enjoyed this special and found myself singing along more than I thought I would. What it lacks in the "original" 1975 Dodger Stadium concert in sheer energy it more than makes up for with the legacy component.

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