1995 [FRENCH]


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Michel Bouquet Photo
Michel Bouquet as Samuel
Gérard Depardieu Photo
Gérard Depardieu as Jacques 'Lébovitch' / Marie's father
Vanessa Paradis Photo
Vanessa Paradis as Marie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by silversarchan10 / 10


after waiting days to see this film, because i live in the US, i finally got it in the mail. and let me tell you, i was very impressed. vanessa paradis, (being my favorite singer and actress) was simply lovely. i've never seen her in a better role (besides her stunning role in 1999's "la fille sur le pont/girl on the bridge")

this film had so many emotions in it. revenge, love, hate, friendship. it was all tied in it throughout the movie. the soundtrack was absolutely superb, and gerard depardieu's performance was excellent, as always. also, (i don't remember her name) the actress who played solange was very good as well. if you want to see a beautifully-crafted french film, see this one. US viewers will have to purchase it from either ebay or from a UK website (you'll have to get it transferred into NTSC format if you wish to choose that option) i just got mine off of ebay already subtitled, and in the correct format. i'm telling you, you will not be dissapointed!

Reviewed by poka_dan10 / 10

Great movie, great acting

Both Gerard Depardieu and Vanessa Paradis put out an outstanding performance. Yes Vanessa Paradis is a great actress. This is a must see movie for anybody with a young spirit.

This was an incredibly moving and under-rated film. it is basically about a girl who loses her parents and tries to reconstruct a surrogate family from her friends on the street. in the end she meets up with her father, intent on killing him at first... but fate takes another turn. Vanessa Paradis is incredible in this film and showed the world that she is a talented actress. i highly recommend this film.

And by the way it is such a pity you have to fill in all the ten lines of text (the minimum). It is such a bummer ,realy.

Reviewed by bob9986 / 10

She's so bad

I don't think Jean Becker is a very interesting director; the two films I have seen--L'Été meurtrier and this one--don't show any great stylistic ability. You remember L'Été for Adjani's performance as an avenging angel, and Vanessa Paradis does the same thing here: she's a one-woman wrecking crew taking on greedy grandparents, the lesbian director of her orphanage, men looking for sex, in fact anybody who gets in her way.

The film stands or falls on the power and charisma of its star, and Vanessa Paradis doesn't disappoint. She is amazingly at ease in front of the camera, as befits a Lancôme model who also started singing at 14. No matter how tawdry the script gets--and that's plenty at times--she sails right through it. She even holds her own with Depardieu, the icon of French film.

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