Elcano & Magellan: The First Voyage Around the World

2019 [BASQUE]

Action / Adventure / Animation / Romance

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Reviewed by f-886121 / 10


Please do not, under any circumstances, support the Elcano and Magellan movie. It portrays colonizers in good light like they're heroes when Magellan brought suffering to the native Filipinos. And it also portrays natives (especially Lapu-Lapu, one of our country's national heroes) as villains, which is WRONG.

The film tells the story of the Spanish expedition around the world in the 16th century led by Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan and Spanish navigator Juan Sebastián Elcano, the latter of whom took over the journey after Magellan was killed in the Philippines.

"This is the story of the brave seafarers who grabbed the helm of history and changed its course forever," CrystalSky Multimedia, the film's Philippine distributor, said in a since-deleted Facebook post. "A journey which, as many people know, was started by Ferdinand Magellan who was killed by Lapu-Lapu and his men from the Philippines at the battle of Mactan but that not so many know was concluded by Juan Sebastián Elcano." As a film rated for all ages, the conceit of "Elcano and Magellan" is similar to that of Disney's "Pocahontas" in that it is a children-friendly rendering of one of the most well-known cases of colonialism, many denizens remarked. But unlike "Pocahontas," which humanized the indigenous Americans, critics say that "Elcano and Magellan" is filled with historical inaccuracies that demonize native Filipinos who fought to protect the land from the Spanish conquistadors.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters6 / 10

You will be remembered for ages to come.

I watched it dubbed in English with Spaniards saying "blimey." This was an animated version of the Magellan voyage that sticks to the basic facts. It would have been nice to have a modern map flash on the screen to show you the voyage and where they were at during certain events. It includes dramatization. Would have made for a good showing in my fifth-grade history class.

Reviewed by selvadorada3007 / 10

Bit higher rating in response to those "specifics" who doesn't even bother to watch the film!

The other reviewer was right, the scene that "specifics" cry about last only a couple of minutes, well maybe not the most accurate portrayal of their appearance but this is Spanish kids show not a accurate account of historical piece that shove to general public. Of course the logic of the film is Spanish - good; everyone else - bad. Isn't that a common practice on most movies in Hollywood?

If there are injustices I think the one who should complain are the Portuguese, they are portrayed as straight bad guys but they are not crying like those "specifics". As if the "specifics" has concrete basis and knowledge on their ancient history, what happened is they let their neighbors wrote their own history for them?

The movie was entertaining, the animation was average and the characters were likeable (except Yago). Don't listen to the haters they just hopped on hate train without seeing the movie first and the bias that "butchered their history". How can you 'butchered' that something that doesn't exist?

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