El Camino Christmas


Action / Comedy / Crime / Western

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Tim Allen Photo
Tim Allen as Larry Roth
Vincent D'Onofrio Photo
Vincent D'Onofrio as Carl Hooker
Luke Grimes Photo
Luke Grimes as Eric Roth
Jessica Alba Photo
Jessica Alba as Beth Flowers
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen7 / 10

A very offbeat Christmas movie...

While the storyline told in this movie was rather predictable and very straight forward, actually to the point of being generic, then it still turned out to be a rather entertaining movie.

And that was because of the characters in the movie, because they were nicely fleshed out, and they had cast some very nice actors and actresses for perform the various roles and characters in the movie. and there was a good on-screen chemistry between them.

It was especially nice to see Tim Allen in a role such as the one he had in this movie, because he nailed it with his performance.

This was a nice surprise of a movie, because I had no expectations to it when I happened to come across it on Netflix, definitely worth a watch.

If you enjoy offbeat movies then "El Camino Christmas" is a movie for you, no doubt about it.

Reviewed by tabuno6 / 10

An Uneven Dramatic Christmas Thriller

9 December 2017. Definitely not what the comedic trailer suggests. This drama thriller is much more dark and gets darker as the movie proceeds to its predictable ending. Those expecting a Christmas romance comedy will be in for a shock. Instead this is a movie about a young man in search for his father after his mom passes away and he discovers letters written from his father. What he discovers is a questionable small town with some questionable law enforcement officers, a pretty single mother with a mute son and whose mother's mother is questionable as well. There's a number of characters to dislike in this movie as it swerves from comedy to drama towards an attempt at action thrills and a soft landing. Too bad the movie didn't take itself more seriously, it would have been a much better show.

Reviewed by kosmasp7 / 10

Lockdown christmas

Sometimes things do not go down the way we imagine them to go down. A visit or search for a person, can become an entirely different thing ... especially when mixed with eager police who may have good intentions, but ... well let's say are overreaching ... and that is putting it mildly ... as mildly as it gets.

The movie has its ups and downs, but lives off the performances mostly. Yes the script has good parts too of course - but without the actors to pull those off ... you wouldn't have much here. Especially considering certain weird points and twists this throws your way ... be it the very easy to spot Tim Allen character (I can't imagine anyone not guessing what is going on there) or the "fate" of Emilio Riveras character ... you may find it "shocking" ... no pun intended ... and then not so much. You'll understand after watching.

Good intentions can go way wrong ... and this movie almost seems to tell you to not be too good .. or maybe it tells you it does pay off ... again very weird, but also able to be entertaining if you let it. I had fun with it - even/despite its flaws ... still not sure why Jessica Alba had to be in the movie ... guess her being in it raised ... awareness and some funds towards making it happen.

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