Echoes of the Past

2021 [GREEK]

Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright94%
IMDb Rating6.3101045

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Alice Krige Photo
Alice Krige as Andrea Foss
Max von Sydow Photo
Max von Sydow as Nikolas Andreou
Tomas Arana Photo
Tomas Arana as General von Le Suire
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ioannidion9 / 10

Emotional, strong, artistically integer

I will not comment on how some people expect from a fiction movie that is based on historic events to be the equivalent of a documentary...(well I just did),but I will stand on the way this beautiful film approaches some of the darkest times of greek history...laconic but intense characters, excellent photography, strong music, and evocative atmosphere throughout the whole film. A movie that pays respect to all people that fought against Nazism. I wish we will see more greek movies like this in the future.

Reviewed by panteliszervos9 / 10

Highly recommended.

A powerful film about a not well known Nazi massacre of the male population in a small town in Greece during World War II. It is nicely filmed and acted, and the story of the massacre is something I knew little about so bringing that to screen was interesting. Echoes of the Past is a film I enjoyed, even though it is very emotional, especially in the scenes with the separation of the families and the moments after the massacre.

It is not a war movie in the classic sense, but an honest look at the immediate and long term effects of the war.

Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Meletis_Fourountzidis9 / 10

An outstanding result, with some minor issues.

It is the first time in Greek filmography that we don't see the struggle of any social/political group of people ( like Greek Communists or Jews) during the war.

This movie is not about minorities, or even the Greeks themself. It is about War Crime and how much our lives matter as human beings.

It is a historic narative action about the Execution of almost the entire population of a village in Greece. So no spoilers ahead, just have in mind history facts.

Directing (9/10) I would prefer less Close up shots, but they where handled properly. The way the director represented the execution of all males of the village is just a piece of art. And the aftermath was so painfull to see that honestly I felt some tears dropping. I would consider a (7/10) but there were some really memorable shots that they stay with me even after a week!

Screenplay (6.5/10) Overall not bad, although it was slow at some periods and there were some silly issues as far as realism is concerned. Simple story, not bad, but I felt it could be told much sooner than it was.

Acting (8/10) Ok, you have a legend, Max von Sydow, some French and some Greek actors. If you exclude Max, all the other actors were pretty decent. Not extraordinary, but did the job much better than "Ok". Yet, at some moments they gave soul and spirit.

Cinematography (10/10) Seriouly, exceptional. Honestly, I haven't seen many movies, even in Hollywood these days with that quality in the photography! The Colours are in the right mood, the picture is crispy and raw, the lighting gives drama when needed, the aesthetics are memorable.

Sound (9/10) Clear conversations, great sound effects, pure emotion at some shots. Nothing to be complex or disturbing.

Overall (8.5/10) I thought about it a lot. If I was not Greek I would still like this movie for all the above reasons. Maybe I wouldn't care about the Script so much, but still I would enjoy it.

I have a feeling this movie will have average rating because there is a problem with the Greeks as population.

The Greeks hate whatever is Greek, most propably because they compare multi billionaire productions with local Athenian artists. I hope I'm wrong, but history always repeats itself so...

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