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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wendy-011502 / 10

So bad.

I actually waited years to watch this film. What a disappointment. It should have been 5 minutes long and it must have had an elementary teacher's budget because the acting is well...bad. It's so bad, you can't tell if it's scripted or not. Nelly Alard as Martine, the French guest filming all this whining, is the only actual talent among the bunch. I'm not even going to count Frances Bergen. She shouldn't even be there. Why in the world did she agree to do this? The point that women are obsessed with food and eating (yes, they're two different things) and obsessed with every square inch of our bodies, and our mothers affect how we feel about food, eating, and every square inch of our bodies, is established and then beaten to death multiple times. I wouldn't have been able to abide long with any of these women. I wanted to slap them. I forced myself to watch it to the end and this is the only film review I've ever posted, I think. But then I'm really hungry right now so I may have and just forgotten.

Reviewed by wisewebwoman7 / 10

Too much, too many, too repetitive

Too many actresses - it was very confusing being inside Henry Jaglom's head. This mockumentary style movie obsesses on food and women all intertwined with sexuality.

Even Frances Bergen who plays a type of baffled sane matriarch looks as if she has had her problems with food in the past but in this movie she is astonished at the obsessive compulsive behaviour around food at this party she attends for her daughter's fortieth birthday.

Maybe she doesn't get out much in the shallow body-and-youth culture that is California. I would say that Henry was deliberate in keeping this movie without any depth. He just stockpiled it with far too many women (I lost track, they all looked vaguely alike and whined in the same sad key).

Go read a book, ladies, visit an art gallery, recite poetry, read for the blind. Far too much time on your hands. Get interesting. Maybe that was the point?

7 out of 10 for its daring - though it had to be a flop at the box-office.

Reviewed by oruboris6 / 10

30 great minutes!

There are 30 minutes of this film that will fascinate you, hold you spellbound, totally engage your empathy and emotions.

Unfortunately, these moments are scattered randomly in a movie that's 110 minutes long, and the remaining 80 minutes leave a lot to be desired, with stilted, rushed dialog that almost seems like it's being read from cue cards, characters who come and go so quickly that even when what they say touches you, no lasting sense of connection is forged.

The big issue is the structure itself: 'Martine' is shooting a documentary about the relationship between women and food at her friend's birthday party, giving the characters a chance to deliver monologues straight to the camera that are often fascinating, even riveting. But there are too many people, too many words, too much going on between the characters outside what the documentary camera sees. This could easily have been addressed by giving Martine an assistant, someone to actually work the camera and spy on the party's goings on when Martine is elsewhere. But without that convention, we are often uncertain what is documentary and what is 'real' life.

There is so much here that doesn't matter-- why a triple birthday, for women turning 30, 40 and 50 when the issues of age and aging are largely in the back ground? Why so many people? Why so many conflicts and love stories when the central love affair between women and food is far more interesting than any of the interpersonal stuff?

Several fine performances here-- notably Frances Bergen and Beth Grant, though Mary Crosby at her radiant best is given little to do.

Worth seeing for the 30 good minutes, but sadly disappointing in so many ways... ultimately, it's a man putting words in women's mouths about what it's like to be a woman, and it's certainly not a comedy. I hope a woman film maker chooses to make the actual documentary at the center of this movie-- that's a film I'd love to see.

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