Eat My Dust


Action / Comedy / Romance

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Ron Howard Photo
Ron Howard as Hoover Niebold
Clint Howard Photo
Clint Howard as George Poole Jr.
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Corbin Bernsen as Roy Puire
Rance Howard Photo
Rance Howard as Clark
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Woodyanders8 / 10

Entertaining 70's redneck car chase romp

Brash young hotshot Hoover Niebold (an extremely affable performance by Ron Howard) does his best to impress Darlene (an endearingly bubbly portrayal by fetching blonde Christopher Norris),a lovely lass he's smitten with. So Hoover decides to take Darlene on a wild joyride in a stolen souped-up hot rod while the inept local police led by Hoover's crusty father Sheriff Niebold (nicely played to the huffy hilt by Warren Kemmerling) pursue them all over the county. Writer/director Charles B. Griffith relates the slight, but lively and eventful story at a breathless breakneck pace, maintains an engaging lightweight tongue-in-cheek tone throughout, and stages the expected rubber-burning vehicular carnage with tremendous rip-roaring gusto. Moreover, Griffith presents the whole wacky affair with a likable screwball sensibility which makes this picture a perfectly harmless and mindless diversion (lots of automobiles get trashed, but nobody ever gets seriously hurt or killed),with the amusing kooky characters and the nonstop plethora of broad jokes -- a throwaway gag referencing "The Little Shop of Horror" is especially clever and funny -- ensure that this baby is a constant hoot to watch from start to finish. The cast have a ball with the broad material, with praiseworthy work by Dave Madden as good ol' boy stock car drive Big Bubba Jones, Clint Howard as the dippy George Poole Jr. Rance Howard as sturdy deputy Clark, Peter Isacksen as shotgun-toting yahoo Junior Hale, and Charles Howerton as the bumbling Deputy Jay Beah. Eric Saarinen's sunny cinematography gives this movie a pleasing bright look. David Grisman's jaunty bluegrass score further enhances the infectiously merry mayhem. Immensely enjoyable fluff.

Reviewed by Squonk7 / 10

Go Opie Go!

Hoover likes Darlene. Darlene likes riding in fast cars. Hoover likes driving fast cars. That's enough to get Eat My Dust off and running. Who would've thought that a Roger Corman produced car chase staring Ron Howard would be so much fun. One thing that this car chase comedy has working for it, that many do not, is that it's actually pretty funny. One funny scene involves a young Corbin Bernsen playing a slow minded gas station attendant. The driving sequences are also very well executed and photographed. One crash in particular at the end of the film makes you think the car is going to jump right off the screen. It's no Oscar winner, but who cares. Shut off your brain for awhile and let Opie do the driving.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

some good car action

Hoover Niebold (Ron Howard) is a car-nerd, and a prankster with his friends. His daddy is the law. They're at the car race. Snooty hot girl Darlene Kurtz is willing to ride with him if only he gets the red race car. So he steals the car and they go on a joy ride.

Ron Howard wanted to direct his own movie and Roger Corman required him to star in this movie before giving him his directorial debut, Grand Theft Auto (1977). This is a thin script. I don't particularly care about any of these characters. Ron Howard is still a good lead. The rest can be left behind. There are some fun car action but that's the only good aspect. It's a B-movie with a named actor.

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