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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by incd1 / 10

Dazed and confused

This film more closely resembles a documentary than a movie. Long drawn out scenes with no dialogue. Dialogue that is poorly written and actors with no talent. It looks like it was shot with a home video camera by someone constantly searching for the subject. Very sloppy. There is no semblance of set design. Just walk into someone's apartment and start shooting. Poor lighting, poor staging, poor direction. It looks like it was shot with a home video camera. And this annoying background noise that permeates the entire film and punctuates the lack of good sound control. The characters are poorly developed, as though the director believed the audience would do it instead. Or just understand the angst all Canadians feel. Canadian film makers are so obsessed with not looking like American made films that they forget that the audience wants to be entertained. Instead they create "art films" with "deep messages". This may work in a film school environment but the general public doesn't want that. They want to relax and enjoy a story that doesn't make them work to understand it. You'll never hear "box office hit" and Canadian movie in the same sentence and this movie is a perfect example of why. Quit trying to teach us a lesson and gives us a good story without the attitude. Radio stations don't play experimental music. They play songs that people can sit back and enjoy without having to find some deep meaning. Canadian film makers seem to be dazed by self righteousness and confused about who their audience is. Enough already.

Reviewed by Trevvorlahey10 / 10

A True Canadian Experience

A realistic story of the immigrant experience. A plot full of trials, tribulations, hope and perseverance. A mother and daughter navigate through high school, careers, romance, theater and mental health. Magnificenty shot in Toronto Canada, a beautiful but hard city, far from Easyland.

Reviewed by vanessabattaglia10 / 10

Exceptional Film

This movie is a genius portrayal of the true struggle immigrants face everyday.

It's depicts the common themes in our society such as undiagnosed mental illness and how life continues to move forward regardless of major events in ones life.

10/10 this movie is extremely relatable. It really hit home for my family and I.

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