Dügün Dernek 2: Sünnet

2015 [TURKISH]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by baredda176 / 10

Another ordinary movie

There's nothing different about this movie. Cast and trackable for director. He makes occasional laughs except for simple jokes.

Reviewed by jack_o_hasanov_imdb5 / 10


It was a little boring and not very funny.

But it was fun to watch.

Reviewed by alidur074 / 10

Why do they always have to do that?

This is another cliché example of those movies where the first movie is a great success and the 2nd is such a failure... Düğün Dernek 2 did make me laugh at some parts, however, it was only that and I felt sorry for all the Lira I paid going to this movie. Frankly, all that was nice was that the girl I loved was there with me.The jokes were mostly so simple and the script felt really scratchy. It was like the director had a week to shoot the movie and this is what came out. Acting was exaggerated and by that I do not mean to say I expected a whole lot of dramatic acting in a comedy movie. However, the acting of especially Rasim Oztekin was such a disaster. I know this guy from many movies where he was like a king, yet, it felt like he was kidding me in this movie. I do not think all these extra high volumed voices and shouting are needed to make an audience laugh. It turns into a mess and the sound becomes more disturbing than funny. The director Selcuk Aydemir did disappoint me knowing that he made the series İsler Gucler, a great piece of work. See? Sometimes you need to stick to making good work instead of making cash taking the advantage of people's love for your sort of work. I hope this trend of "oh I made a couple of good work and let's start shooting Düğün Dernek 3-4-5 and on" would end one day in my country. I gave it a 4, but I honestly think it deserves less since I felt like I was fooled by the whole crew.

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