Drop Zone


Action / Adventure / Thriller

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Rex Linn as Bobby
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Robert LaSardo as Deputy Dog
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Wesley Snipes as Pete Nessip
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Gary Busey as Ty Moncrief
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-15 / 10

Typical Snipes Film: Brainless, But Entertaining

The only reason I gave this any kind of "stars" is that the story moves well, keeping one entertained. Otherwise, the dialog is so sophomoric and the characters so macho-idiotic, it might make one throw up. Also, the no one is likable in here and the Rambo mentality where the "good" guys never get shot while the reverse happens all the time just adds insult to injury.

In other words, this is a typical Wesley Snipes movie of the period.

I didn't care for the female lead, either, played by Yancy Butler, who is just too Hollywood '90s- tough and turned me off. An interesting film at times.....but extremely dumb.

Reviewed by Tweekums7 / 10

Fun parachuting action film!

This might not be a great film but it is a lot of fun. Wesley Snipes plays US Marshall Pete Nessip, when he and his partner are ordered to transport a prisoner it seems like a routine job until their plane is hijacked. The hijackers take the prisoner and parachute out of the plane, unfortunately Pete's seniors don't believe this is possible and assume the hijackers and the prisoner died in the explosion caused when Pete's partner shot one of the hijackers. Pete is suspended but he won't drop the case; after asking around as to who might possibly be able to pull such as stunt he goes to the local sky diving school where he meets Jessie Crossman, an attractive female parachutist who isn't unknown to the law. It isn't long before he learns that the real bad guys are another group of parachutists led by Ty Moncrief, an ex-DEA agent who is selling the identities of undercover agents. In order to stop Ty, Pete must join Jessie's group and learn to sky dive himself.

The lead actors; Wesley Snipes, Gary Busey and Yancy Butler all put in decent enough performances and the story moves along at a cracking pace with lots of impressive sky-diving action, some good fight scenes and an explosive shoot out at the end. The only real flaw in the action sequences were the close-ups during the parachuting scenes where it didn't look as though the actors were really parachuting. As is usually the case with action films there was a decent amount of humour thrown in; mostly involving Kyle Secor's character 'Swoop'.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca6 / 10

Cheesy but watchable

A slight and cheesy action flick from the mid 1990s, DROP ZONE is an open rip-off of POINT BREAK, simply making the bad guys skydivers rather than surfers. However, it has a simplistic, easygoing charm to it, and director John Badham keeps you watching with decent pacing and some fun, flamboyant performances. Wesley Snipes is one of the most dependable stars of the era, often lifting the material in which he appears (as in PASSENGER 57) while Gary Busey is a hoot as the overacting bad guy. It's fun to see Yancy Butler as a much tougher character than the one she played in HARD TARGET, and everyone else works hard too. The skydiving scenes are invariably well shot and fresh feeling, while the DIE HARD-style action hits the mark too. Not exactly a classic, but certainly watchable enough.

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