Drive All Night


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Reviewed by Shadow_Wraith1 / 10

Boot to The Head

Like the others have said B>O>R>I>N>G. I really don't know why i continued to watch it. Avoid it like the Plague unless you have nothing better to do with your life.

Reviewed by KikiMONONOKe4 / 10


I waited and waited and waited for anything to happen til the movie ended and nothing happened at all. They had this Hitman 47 knock-off guy that they kept showing us preparing to do something, anything and looked menacing af but yo he never got to do anything at all. Like bruh, okay you know how most movies do that thing where they have this boogieman character in the background that the movie keep cutting to getting ready or is on their way to confront our protagonist right? Yeah and best of all most movies would introduce them to us the audience in the first act then to our protagonist on the second act, demolish our protagonist then in the third act they have a climactic showdown and our hero inevitably win over evil; classic stuff right. Yeah naw not here.... We are shown that boogieman but they never meet our protagonist and as a consequence there were ZERO conflict in the movie just BORING characters and BORING and meaningless conversations. All and all, this is the very movie that your friends complain about when they say they don't like "ARTHOUSE films"... this movie doesn't justify its existence at all.

Reviewed by morpheus-316083 / 10


Nice eye candy ...but looks like lt belonged in the late 80's early 90's ....let play mortal combat at the arcade know i have the high score for pacman for scifi....standing in a red lit room is not scifi ...was waiting for something to happen it didn't...just long boring conversations.....gave up half way through.

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