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Reviewed by Thanos_Alfie7 / 10

Fight for your family...

"Drishyam" is a Crime - Drama movie in which we watch a man doing everything he can to fix a mistake that it was made by his family.

I liked this movie very much because I had already watch the movie "Drishyam" of 2015 and then I found out that there was also another one. After I watched this movie I have to admit that I liked the movie of 2015 a little bit more because of the characters - cast and also because of their interpretations. Regarding the interpretations of this movie I have to say that Mohanlal who played as George Kutty and Meena who played as Rani were very good. The direction which was made by Jeethu Joseph was very good.

Reviewed by classicsoncall8 / 10

"Ma'am, this family is even tougher than we thought!"

As far as rating this film goes, it might depend on which of the two versions of "Drishyam" one might have seen first. I caught the 2015 film a while ago with Ajay Devgn in the lead role and I thought his performance was excellent and the movie itself superb. Both movies tell basically the exact same story with minor variations, and if you see them well apart like I did, those differences might not be readily apparent. This one was just as good, though I'd have to say my preference was for the later film, without knowing anything at all about the differences between Malayalam (this one) versus Hindi (the 2015 one). At the time I reviewed the 2015 film a couple years ago, I found it perplexing that it ranked in IMDb's Top #250 for 2016, but sat at #21 on the best films of India, while the original "Drishyam" was at #2. Today, as I write this, only the 2013 movie made IMDb's Top 250 for all of last year, while currently, the 2013 film is at #27 for the Top Indian movies list, and the 2015 picture is at #38. So in most viewers' minds, the earlier movie version is preferred, though I'll stick with my original pick.

Reviewed by nairtejas9 / 10

2013 Ends With An Original Entertainer. ♦ 85%

Never have I seen here in Mumbai a theater houseful for a Malayalam movie. The last time it was 60% filled was during Neelakasham... (2013).

Starting with a scene so mystic in its own way, the movie starts with a flashback. Characters are brilliantly paced into the plot as we look into a a family drama scene forming. Things go sharp & spine-chilling when a crime enters the scene. It is followed by another crime ans so on. The 50 minute second half, which is also the most engaging minutes for any Malayalam cinema this year, steals the show and keeps us on the edge of our seats as the twists come up and up and up. The screenplay is to be thanked, along with brilliant writing and narration.

Mohanlal is better in this role than his previous characters this year. His performance really pulls the audience towards him. Meena was a real treat and boy, can she act so wonderfully. Kalabhavan Shajohn is the real hero of this film which talks about a family's plight & tactic when one of the member's sanity is compromised. His performance, his air, his priceless countenances all are so pure, I was taken aback. He can pull off both comedic & serious roles with finesse.

The adult jokes and how the stereotype of a typical family has died in this age of money and money is purely showcased in the dialogs. Sufficient humor, jaw-dropping climax and brilliant storytelling. It also questions justice and what a person should do at times like this. Although, the plot constantly makes the family look as protagonists in spite of their crimes and falsely guides us what it intends to show us. But if you look closer, you will realize the climax answers all the questions about righteousness. Drishyam does not tell you how to act during brutal crimes, but it finely creates a hell of a story of the vicious happenings around us.

Every single department is to be thanked, especially, art, location, lighting departments. The final output is full theater halls, favorable reviews and remake rights requests.

BOTTOM LINE: If you haven't watched it yet, now is the time because it is still running in theaters. Probably one of the best movies this year. 8.5/10.

Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

Profanity: No | Vulgarity: Mediocre | Sex/Porn/Drugs: No | Smoking/Alcohol: No | Violence: Critical | Gore: Mild

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