Dream Crimes


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Constrained by External Factors

This film begins with a seductive woman named "Yu" (Rei Akasaka) having a drink at a nightclub in downtown Tokyo. While sitting at the bar a man by the name of "Kizaki" (Kazuhiro Yamaji) approaches and not long afterward the two of them decide to go to another location to become better acquainted in bed. It's then that we learn that Yu is an assassin who has just arrived in Tokyo and Kizaki is her client who wants to put out a contract on a man named "Oda" (Takashi Naitô). After accepting the down payment she is told that he will let her know once Oda has been located so in the meantime she decides to tour Tokyo for the time being. While walking through the streets she meets a young man named "Yosuke" (Hiroshi Umeda) who reminds her a great deal of her former lover. And this recollection brings back painful memories of how he was killed in a failed attempt to prevent her from being gang-raped by a small group of thugs ten years earlier. And this memory continues to haunt her in her dreams. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this particular movie is what is known in Japan as a "pinku eiga" which typically follows certain fundamental guidelines. To that effect, this is a relatively short movie (about 69 minutes) filmed on a limited budget and consists of 4 scenes of a sexual nature. It also incorporates a technique known as "fogging" which covers certain parts of the male and female anatomy. And it's these factors which not only defines the sub-genre but sometimes also constrains some of these movies from realizing their full potential. This film is a case in point as the dialogue and character development suffered as a result of these restrictive conditions. Now, while I wouldn't say that this was a bad picture necessarily it definitely could have been better and for that reason I have rated it accordingly. Slightly below average.

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