Donnie Brasco


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Johnny Depp as Donnie
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Gretchen Mol as Sonny's Girlfriend
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Al Pacino as Lefty
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Tim Blake Nelson as FBI Technician
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer9 / 10

These aren't very nice folks!

"Donnie Brasco" is a film inspired by the lengthy undercover work done by FBI agent Joe Pistone. It was incredibly dangerous work, as he infiltrated the mob in New York and could easily have been killed.

The film follows Donnie (Johnny Depp) from the beginning of his friendship with Lefty (Al Pacino) to becoming a trusted man working for Sonny (Michael Madsen)...until eventually the assignment was terminated and arrests were made.

Like any mob film of the era, this is NOT a movie to show your kids, your mother or Father O'Reilly if he stops by for a visit! While not as violent and repellent as some mobster films, it ain't kids' stuff and you should think twice about watching it because of this.

Technically speaking it's a very good film with some nice performances and decent writing. My only complaint is that Pistone felt the film was 'about 85% right' according to IMDB....and I'd love to know where the 15% comes into it! Overall, one of Al Pacino's and Johnny Depp's better films...but not for the faint hearted.

Reviewed by bkoganbing8 / 10

The Biggest Mutt In The History Of The Mafia

With only one real scene of violence and mayhem in the film, Donnie Brasco relies far more on character development in a story of two men and the planned betrayal of one by another in the line of duty.

Johnny Depp plays real life FBI undercover agent Joe Pistone who infiltrates the Bonano crime family through the good offices of Lefty Ruggiero, a small time Mafia button man played by Al Pacino. During the five years undercover, Pistone who used the alias of Donnie Brasco was responsible for about 200 federal indictments because of the work he did. It took a terrible strain on him and his family as the film so aptly demonstrates.

It must have been like old home week for Johnny Depp who made his acting bones playing a youthful undercover cop in the television series 21 Jump Street. But the difference between Officer Tom Hanson going undercover for a couple of weeks at some high school and agent Pistone living and working with the wise guys for five years afraid of being found out is the difference between Donald Duck and Donald Trump.

Depp's performance as Pistone/Brasco is conveyed as much by body language and closeups as with dialog. He'd like very much to return to his wife and three daughters and live a normal life, but the demands of the job make it impossible. According to Wikipedia's article on Pistone he was uniquely qualified for his undercover assignment having lived and grown up among wise guys in New Jersey. He was familiar with all the Mafia culture and could blend in easily. The strain shows on him in his scenes with wife Anne Heche, only someone with a real gift for acting could make those scenes so real.

Depp is matched by Al Pacino as the luckless Lefty Ruggiero. In the Mafia code he vouches for Depp and if Depp betrays trust in any way, Pacino's marked for death.

Lefty Ruggiero is a hired killer with as he boasts 27 contract kills to his credit. Yet he's also a family man with a lot of problems as is Depp. Even though the man is in fact evil, Pacino does make him a likable sort. It's why Depp is dreading the day he's out from undercover because it means certain death for a man who's grown to be his friend.

Except when the crew that Depp and Pacino are part of do ambush a rival group before in fact they do it to them, Donnie Brasco is a fairly non violent film for a gangster story. Donnie Brasco emphasizes character development and a good script as opposed to bloody mayhem.

I think you'll like the story about a man who turned a friend into the biggest mutt in the history of the Mafia.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca7 / 10

Unusual gangster story works very well

At once a worthy and intelligent gangster tale, with less emphasis on extreme violence and melodrama than previous offerings in the genre. This is a character-led drama which draws excellent performances from both Johnny Depp and Al Pacino as the cop and seasoned criminal who become unlikely pals during the course of the film. The supporting players are also good - particularly Michael Madsen, on hand to play yet another sociopath - but it's Depp and Pacino who the film belongs to. Depp gives an ambitious, multi-layered performance of a cop torn between his duties and his loyalty for his new friend, while Pacino is surprisingly restrained and different to his normal persona.

Of course, there are still the typical gangster trappings, such as the dismemberment of a corpse in a basement cellar and the systematic beating of a Japanese waiter in some toilets, but this is a film more about people than anybody else. As the inevitable conclusion draws closer, the suspense level rises to an unbearable level and there's a powerful, upsetting conclusion to prepare for. A gripping, involving piece of mature entertainment.

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