Dom Hemingway


Action / Comedy / Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten56%
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Emilia Clarke as Evelyn
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Jude Law as Dom Hemingway
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Kerry Condon as Melody
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Richard E. Grant as Dickie Black
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by btm110 / 10


I had not intended to watch Dom Hemingway. I never heard about it before it came on while I was tuned to HBO. But its opening scene is hard to ignore. A man in a prison is standing naked while someone (out of the camera view) is giving him a blow job, while the prisoner, who announces that he is the great Dom Hemingway, waxes poetically about the greatness of his cock. Once hooked I couldn't stop watching. Throughout the film Dom speeches have a Shakespeare-like quality about them, not realistic perhaps but fascinating language. I was mesmerized by Jude Law's performance.

The plot involves Dom serving 12 years in prison to protect his crime boss, and his odyssey in pursuit of the reward he feels is his due. Dom has anger management issues and is clearly admired by his fellow prisoners and feared by the civilians who know him. Melody is one of the hookers the crime boss rewards Dom with. Later in the film she reappears as a sort of angelic seer who helps him change his life and his luck.

On his release from prison Dom meets up with an old friend, a criminal named Dickie, who sticks with Dom on his crusade to get his reward for his 12 year sacrifice. Dickie is played magnificently by Richard E. Grant, a British actor who looks a bit like a young Max von Sydow.

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation6 / 10

Good lead performance carries an okay movie

"Dom Hemingway" is the newest project by New York writer and director Richard Shepard. So far, he has mainly worked on television, including notable efforts for "Girls", "30 Rock" and an amazing documentary on the equally talented as tragic John Cazale. He also won an Emmy for directing the pilot episode of Ugly Betty.

The title character is named just like the movie and played by Jude Law. Other cast members include "Game of Thrones" starlet Emilia Clarke and recent Academy Award nominee Demian Bichir. Now, if you have seen the movie "Side Effects" starring Jude Law as well, just imagine the complete opposite of his character there and you'll have Mr. Dom Hemingway, a violent man recently released from prison who is cursing and swearing his way through the London underworld. You can basically split this movie in two halves, the first being mostly about him meeting his former accomplice to get back his share from a crime they committed for which Hemingway went to prison. The second part deals mostly with Hemingway's connection to a black street thug and also his daughter (Clarke) later on. His friend Dickie plays a major role in both halves and I'm not entirely sure what to make of him: if I liked the character or liked the portrayal or did not approve. All I can say right now is that he was so weird.

I have to say that I definitely preferred the first half. Bichir really shines in his role here and is so much fun to watch with his character's unpredictable actions and behavior. The only part I quite enjoyed from the second half was the whole safe cracking subplot. The whole story with his daughter felt rushed in only to show that he's stereotypically not such a bad guy. Tough on the outside, vulnerable on the inside. Admittedly, the graveyard monologue was well done and performed impressively by Law and saved this plot a bit.

IMDb recommends the movie "Filth" (starring James McAvoy) to people who like Dom Hemingway and I tend to agree. Both films have the same dark humor and the two lead characters are somewhat similar, even if they operate on opposing sides of the law. And both are violent, vulgar and obscene as hell, so stay away if that is not exactly your cup of tea.

Reviewed by Prismark104 / 10

The cock of the south

Dom Hemingway has a powerful performance from a pumped up Jude Law. It has a strong first half which deflates during the second half.

Dom opens the film in prison talking about the power of his manhood. He is a bullish, abrasive tough safe cracker doing the full bird as he refused to rat out his gangster boss Ivan Fontaine (Demian Bichir.)

After being released from prison. Dom and his best pal Dickie (Richard E Grant) go to the French countryside to get his share of the loot from Fontaine for the job he went to prison for. Dom is insulting to Fontaine but he gets his money but then instantly loses it.

Returning to London Dom tries to establish a connection with his daughter who wants nothing to do with him, his wife died some years ago. Dom also wants to work with the son of Fontaine's rival, however the son holds a grudge against Dom.

Writer/director Richard Shepard was aiming for a muscular dark comedy. The trouble is Dom is not that likeable or charming. He is a blustering bully who is not that clever. The film is hollow that runs out of gas despite Law's performance.

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