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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mcmoneyllc10 / 10

Excellent, but lacking

I highly recommend that anyone interested in this documentary visit YouTube and watch all of the interview "clips". These clips that were shared with the world well before this documentary came out are far more interesting than the documentary itself. Which is disappointing, as I was expecting the full documentary to not only include these interviews but more of them as well.

While this was definitely an exciting and intriguing film to watch, the post editing was poorly done and gives the feel of watching a very long preview for something that never comes.

Again, it would have been nice if they did not completely cut out people from the documentary that were originally interviewed. This is a 10 star rating, but it still could have been a lot better. I hope the producers could release the unedited interviews as a bonus in the future or at least post them somewhere online.

One slight other complaint is that the original backing music for the film (as shown on their original YouTube trailer) was excellent. Their final choice in music gave a totally different vibe, which ended up sounding highly amateurish with a more upbeat, early 90's "teenage pop" sound that just added to the more amateurish feel of the documentary.

Reviewed by chrgibson9 / 10

The only explanation

This film has been a long time coming, and although outlandish sounding it is this understanding what the scientific and spiritual world are converging on. The fractal nature of reality is Universal, and the ability of the spirit molecule to facilitate experiences of one with the Universe is neatly explained and validated by a fractal viewpoint. DMT is the gateway to consciousness, and without it we would be completely without perception.

The most profound discovery in the last 50 years is that the most powerful psychedelic known to man, with the power to perceive intelligent alien/angel/shamanic beings, resides within animal and plants all around us.

A good companion film is the BBCs documentary: The Secret Life of Chaos, in this the fractal viewpoint is explored from a mathematical perspective.

Reviewed by westside-surfer8 / 10

Cosmic blend

The Spirit Molecule was informative and entertaining introduction to DMT. My research on the pineal gland, which led to DMT, uncovered a flood of pseudoscience and nut-jobs. I keep an open mind, I but stop listening once the speaker ventures into the Illuminati and ancient aliens. No thank you, I'll watch X-files instead.

The documentary anchored itself in science then plunged into metaphysics. Half the panel were accredited professionals; the other half were artists, writers, and mystics. Surprisingly, the opposing sides complimented each other by providing an insight connected with their expertise. Besides introducing DMT, the documentary addresses the role of psychedelics in ancient and contemporary life.

Now for the problems: 1) Though Joe Rogen is a funny guy, his role as the host lowered the overall credibility almost to a mocking level.

2) The speedy cuts between interviewees and visual effects was very distracting. Many times I stopped listening to speaker because the psychedelic visuals kept distracting me. Also the trippy soundtrack, which was neat at first, was overdone. A good director would have sensed when artistic team was going too far.

I enjoyed this documentary and recommend it to anyone with an interest in science and metaphysics.

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