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Reviewed by masonsaul8 / 10

Great thriller

Disorder is a great but slow paced thriller that's tense, moving and stylish whilst also skillfully withholding answers. Matthias Schoenaerts gives an incredible lead performance and Diane Kruger is great. Alice Winocour's direction is fantastic, especially the quiet but impactful ending and it's extremely well filmed. The music by Gesaffelstein is really good.

Reviewed by kosmasp7 / 10

Bodyguard Terror

Main actor is all the money as a saying goes. His portrayal of a war veteran who tries to make a living, but even more tries to live kind of normal (if the bodyguard job can be described as normal),is amazing to watch. It's not fireworks all the time, though it does have some decent stunts and action scenes.

But this is more about dealing with you past, the ghosts of things that you have seen and heard. Also falling in love with probably the wrong person. But then again, how does it manifest, if someone with war issues loves someone? And can he be loved back? Especially by someone who already has someone in their life? Will you get all the answers to your questions? The last one I can answer with a no. I do think though that the end is pretty clear, even if some may disagree ...

Reviewed by morrison-dylan-fan7 / 10


Channel- hopping a few years ago,I caught a snippet of the BBC Film Review show,where this stylish-looking flick was chosen as DVD of the week. Checking on Amazon,I was disappointed to see it be a bit pricey. Looking at Netflix UK a few days ago,I was not only surprised to find it on the site,but also see it was about to be removed,which led to me finally diagnosing the disorder.

View on the film:

Inspired by discussions with war photographers who talked about the difficult return to normal life and interviews with soldiers coming back from Afghanistan, co-writer/ (with Jean-Stéphane Bron & Robin Campillo) director Alice Winocour and cinematographer Georges Lechaptois detail the moments Vincent's PTSD rises to the surface with panning shots that single an isolated Vincent out in parties/when on guard duty. Dragging Vincent into the thankless job of taking care of an arms dealer family, Winocour takes the flick in a massive change of direction,by turning it into a home invasion Thriller,lined by tracking shots that run down darken corridors which feel like they go for miles, and stylish touch of having the attempts at home invasion take place at the edges of the screen.

Kept somewhat in the dark over how deeply involved the family is in the arms trade,Diane Kruger gives an enticing performance as Jessie,who is given a snappy edge by Kruger over the protection of the children and doubts on the level of "safety" Vincent offers. Struggling to hold things together,Matthias Schoenaerts (who only slept 2 hours a day when filming) gives a smashing performance as Vincent,who Schoenaerts (who spent 2 years with Winocour trying to get this made) gives a bone crunching anger to in the action scenes,which Schoenaerts keeps rooted to the psychological damage of Vincent's disorder.

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