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Alexander Skarsgård as Derek Hull
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Jason Bateman as Rich Boyd
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Paula Patton as Cindy Hull
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by 3xHCCH8 / 10

Must-See Cautionary Tale for All Netizens

I have not seen a movie like "Disconnect" in a long while. It has this style of telling about the lives of various different seemingly unconnected characters working up to one common story that intertwines all of them together. A decade ago, this style was very popular. This was first brought to prominence by the acclaimed Mexican movie "Amores Perros", and then we saw it in "Traffic", "21 Grams", culminating in the Oscar Best Picture Award given to "Crash." "Disconnect" brings us back to those days when complex intersecting story lines ruled the cinemas.

"Disconnect" leads us into the lives of four characters and their families. What all of them have in common is that they all have been a victim of some sort of Internet crime and abuse. The start of the film was very discomforting to watch. We witness how various internet chat sites can be so dangerous. This is true whatever the nature of this chat site is, whether this is a private pornographic live chat room or a support group chat room for bereaved families. We will see sexual exploitation, bullying, fraud, identity theft, and various other internet crimes in action. We will also see the adverse effects these crimes have on the victims and their loved ones.

The actors were all very good in their roles. I recognize a few of them. Jason Bateman (from "Horrible Bosses") is the busy lawyer whose introverted son was bullied at school. Paula Patton (from "Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol") is a lonely neglected wife who confides her problems on a chat room with someone who could have just stolen all their money. Andrea Riseborough (from "Oblivion") is a television journalist determined to go up in her profession even if it would cause problems to the young man who granted her the interview which would land her on CNN. The other young actors playing the bully, the bullied, and the sex site boy toy all gave memorable performances as well.

The pace of the movie is slow, and I think this was deliberate to make us feel how insidious these crimes can be. They can be happening to us without us ever knowing about it, until the consequences hit us squarely on the face. The director makes us of very dramatic camera angles and apt visual effects to emphasize his points. The editing done was very effective to create an intense feeling of dread and tension. Despite the PG rating given this film locally, the topic of the film is very adult, as well as the treatment, with scenes of nudity, sex, drugs and violence.

This is a very serious and very thought-provoking film for this Internet Age we are in right now. In our obsession to remain connected to our virtual world on our favorite social media sites, are we actually being disconnected from our very own families, and other flesh and blood people around us? A must-see for all netizens. Highly recommended. 8/10

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca6 / 10

Dark, Internet-themed multi-story drama

DISCONNECT is a mature and reflective piece of film-making exploring the impact of the Internet upon the lives of ordinary people. It's one of those films that takes multiple sub-plots involving different characters and weaves them together as the running time progresses, eventually bringing them all together at the climax.

It's a surprisingly provocative little movie in which the dark side of being online is explored in some surprisingly explicit moments. The good news is that the cast is rather good and all of the performers are up to the job: Frank Grillo, Paula Patton, Alexander Skarsgard, Max Thieriot, Michael Nyqvist, and Andrea Riseborough all shine in their various parts and their screen time is weighted equally.

This is certainly a repulsive film in places, but also an oddly gripping one, and the sheer quality of the production wins through in the end. It's well worth a watch for those interested in seeing how the Internet has become central to the lives of a lot of people on the planet, for better or worse.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle7 / 10

uncomfortably disturbed

Cindy (Paula Patton) and Derek Hull (Alexander Skarsgård) are struggling with the lost of their baby. Cindy gets help online while Derek is closed off. They get financially hacked with their identities stolen. They hire former cop Mike Dixon (Frank Grillo) to investigate and he zeroes in on Stephen Schumacher. Mike's son Jason and his friend Frye are pranksters. They start catfishing classmate Ben Boyd. Ben's parents Rich and Lydia (Jason Bateman, Hope Davis) are not connecting with him. Ambitious TV reporter Nina Dunham (Andrea Riseborough) starts chatting with online sex worker Kyle (Max Thieriot) and meets him to do a story. Kyle is part of a group of young and some underage people working online sex. When the FBI shows up, the media company calls up lawyer Rich Dixon.

It's a little bit overdramatic at times. These are harrowing tales of lost privacy and disconnected internet connections. The reporter's story is possibly the weakest. The reporter is not that compelling. The catfishing is probably the most powerful. The movie can be overwrought. It goes for the worst case scenario and the audience can't be surprised by any of the turns. The interconnected nature keeps the story moving. The overall feel does leave a disturbed uncomfortable sense. There are some good actors here doing compelling work.

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