2022 [TELUGU]

Action / Comedy / Thriller

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Reviewed by g_arjun3 / 10

Please Change

I have a great respect for actors like Ravi Teja, who have gained fame and proven themselves time and time again with their acting skills by producing blockbuster movies. However, his last few movies have not been as successful due to poor scripts. With the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2019 and the increased use of streaming services like Netflix and Prime, many people's views on movies have changed. We now need quality plots and strong logic in movies to bring us back to theaters.

As for the movie I watched, I loved the comedy aspects, especially the comedy between Hyper Aadi and Rao Ramesh, as well as a song.

I hope the cinema industry will come up with unique and new plots at an International level.

Reviewed by valyriansteel-683497 / 10

Watch it only for Srileela and Raviteja dance numbers!

Srileela is a great find for Telugu film industry. She dances like a dream. We all know how good a dancer Sai Pallavi is. But Srileela is the new superstar who will set the stage on fire if you give her chartbuster songs to dance. Raviteja never runs out of energy. I can't believe he's able to deliver time and again even with poor scripts. He's one underdog who always comes back strong. An inspiration for next generation actors. This movie is watchable only for songs. The villains are silly and stupid just want to kill the high performing corporate CEOs who are not ready to sell their company. Shows the IQ of the Director. No logic only songs magic.

Reviewed by amruthabaratam1 / 10

Why the hell does this movie have 8.7 rating?

Where should I even start? There is no solid story, direction is bad, dialogues and some scenes are cringe!!! The audience in the whole theatre were commenting and I could see that they aren't enjoying the movie!! There was no sync between the dialogues and the scene in many shots. I felt that some shots ended abruptly. I would have actually rated it 5 for just putting a film together. But freakinn 8.7

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