Devil's Workshop


Drama / Horror

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Emile Hirsch Photo
Emile Hirsch as Donald
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Radha Mitchell as Eliza
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Timothy Granaderos as Clayton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jay-95-9711134 / 10

Not sure what they were going for...

The previews looked intriguing, but the result was nothing like it (also the cover/poster has almost nothing to do with the actual film). The acting is good. It's always a pleasure to see Radha Mitchell. The cinematography, sound and direction are all pretty good quality. It's just... the story.

The first half plays more like a sociopathic attempt at comedy with the most insecure antagonist I've ever seen. He's also completely unnecessary for the main plot, yet they keep cutting over to him. He's basically playing Jack Black if he was an absolute narcissist.

The rest of the story seems somewhat intriguing, but it completely unravels with the ending. I suspect the writer and director was feeling suicidal when this film was being made. This isn't just a case of the ending being ambiguous, it's downright nonsensical, not to mention utterly depressing, and for no reason. "Se7en" did it right. This film did it all wrong.

Reviewed by ashfordofficial6 / 10

I enjoyed it very much

"You have a nice cock darling"

I'm not a big fan of films with dark humor and anticlimactic endings. But this film is an exception because the captivating direction, well written script with solid dialogues and outstanding performances really made me impressed and I enjoyed this movie a lot.

One of the main reasons I decided to watch this because of Radha Mitchell and Emile Hirsch. It's always good to see them on screen and doing horror. They both did a wonderful performance, especially Radha. Timothy Granaderos was a surprise addition to this atmospheric horror. I loved that scene between Emile, Sarah Coffey and Brooke Ramirez and it was scary, exciting and at the end surprising.

The official poster for this film is so confusing, misleading and half-assed because they made a random poster that has no connection to the film and approved it without thinking.

Reviewed by markwiseman5-988-1032074 / 10

Doesn't Quite Get It Right

Technically, everything with this movie was fine - the acting, sound, lighting, etc. I had no issues there. In fact, the acting was spot-on.

For me, the BIG problem with this movie is the overall concept - the whole story. It's just not very good. Or, they got the pacing all wrong, jumping around from one scene and character to the next in a way that threw me off.

When you approach the topic of devils and demonology, there needs to be a certain atmosphere of respect for the enormity of the situation & a certain kind of dread or menace involved. While there was some, here it wasn't effective.

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