Determination of Death

2001 [FRENCH]

Crime / Drama

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John Ratzenberger Photo
John Ratzenberger as Charlie Halloran
William Katt Photo
William Katt as John Logan
Veronica Hamel Photo
Veronica Hamel as Virginia 'Ginny' Halloran
Marc Singer Photo
Marc Singer as Reese Williams
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by 172688 / 10

Very twisty plot

There is hardly anyone in the cast that I particularly like and would normally tune in to watch. However, I recorded this and figured I could dump it if it wasn't good.

I didn't dump it.

I will say nothing about the plot--except that it will probably keep you guessing to the end. (At one point I correctly figured it out, but I soon changed my mind.) The clues are all there, so you won't feel cheated by the ending--surprised probably, but not cheated.

As for the cast, everyone is good. However, Veronica Hamel and Michele Green are not aging too well. Greene was, surprisingly, much less annoying than I usually find her; and John Ratzenberger was very likable in a totally different, for him, role.

Reviewed by tomfsloan5 / 10


Decent cast but the plot plodded along very slowly. It was very hard to suffer all the way to the end. A few twists here and there towards the end helped a little but not a lot.

Reviewed by blanche-27 / 10

neat story

This is a very good movie with lots of twists and turns in the plot. Veronica Hamel stars as an attorney whose brother-in-law dies while hunting with Hamel's husband. What no one knows is that the evil brother-in-law and the wife he has abused planned to fake his death to get their hands on a $5 million insurance policy. Someone, however, would rather that his death be real, but a bullet only wounds him. Insurance investigators William Katt and George Dzunda descend upon the family to investigate, since there's no body. Dzunda smells a rat; Katt is sympathetic towards Greene.

Marc Singer is the husband in a familiar role for him. Michele Greene is very good as his wife, and Hamel is always interesting to watch.

New information keeps popping up as the story goes along, making it not only more interesting, but much less straightforward as to what happened to Singer, who planned what, etc. The family turns out to be a lot more complex than it seems on the surface.

Very entertaining and absorbing, and you won't guess the ending.

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