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Aimee-Ffion Edwards Photo
Aimee-Ffion Edwards as Sophie 12 episodes, 2014-2015
Rachael Stirling Photo
Rachael Stirling as Becky 19 episodes, 2014-2022
Diana Rigg Photo
Diana Rigg as Veronica 6 episodes, 2015-2017
Toby Jones Photo
Toby Jones as Lance 20 episodes, 2014-2022
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Reviewed by plan9910 / 10

Brilliant. The best comedy for years.

As this has been tucked away on BBC4 at 10.00 pm on a Thursday night I have been recommending it to plenty of people who might have missed it.

It's very funny and it should be on BBC1 or BBC2 at prime time. The fact that it has no laughter track makes it even better and it's not required as we don't need to be told to laugh when there is a funny line.

This comedy deserves to win several awards but it probably won't as it's not been "dumbed down" to appeal to the great unwashed. Everyone involved should be congratulated for bring this comedy gem to our screens. It's up there with Fawlty Towers and Only Fools and Horses.

I've just watched the Christmas 2022 special and it's brilliant.

Reviewed by agnabeya10 / 10

I don't know why.....

?..........But I love this new series. It's not a laugh out loud comedy, but it makes me smile throughout and the half hour episode is finished far too quickly. It's a gentle comedy based on the lives of a metal detectorist club and the characters in that club. There is a mad farmer with imaginary dogs who gives the two main characters permission to scan his fields, except the paddock. No one is ever to go near the paddock! I wonder why? His wife did disappear many years ago, but I have a feeling that will have nothing to do with his aversion to paddock diggers. The characters have been written so well and the direction, also by McKenzie Crook, are intriguingly watchable. Mr Crook is a talented man and after only two episodes I know this will be a favourite with me.

Reviewed by LouieInLove10 / 10

Unpretentious Exellence - Simple & Beautifully Delivered

I have such high praise for this show. It is simple & heartfelt, beautifully delivered, devoid of pretence and PC twiddling (which is a near miracle to be seen on the BBC these days).

I understand Mackenzie Crook of 'The Office' fame wrote/created this, if so, well done! This show has to be a career highlight for him because it's genuinely that good.

Detectorists gives a lesson in good writing/storytelling, good casting & production. It is subtle and delicate in it's delivery & offers eccentricity but not wackiness (wackiness/quirkiness being rife in English TV comedy these days. The go to for so many Anglo middle class/upper middle class types who dominate UK television; in front & behind of camera).

The cast is outstanding, as near perfect as you could hope for. Everything about this show looks effortless, which, once again, is an example of how good this show is.

I final quick mention has to go to the music & location footage, both of which are simple & sweet, just like the show.

Mackenzie Crook, well done lad!

Uncluttered, precise & accessible storytelling at its best.

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