Detective Conan: The Darkest Nightmare


Action / Adventure / Animation / Crime / Family / Mystery / Thriller

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Erika Harlacher Photo
Erika Harlacher as Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya
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Laura Post as Vermouth
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Cristina Valenzuela as Ran Mori
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Ray Chase as Yuya Kazami
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by geekoutmetal6 / 10

Lost opportunity at the end

Everything up till the FBI sniper agent who couldn't take a shot at a huge helicopter firing large ballistic rounds at a Ferris wheel could could kill or injure thousands of innocents just cause he couldn't see an axel joint?!

Seriously, anyone, hell even a noob who take any shot at the helicopter just to bring it down without letting the villains keep shooting at the Ferris wheel which by the way they all knew was rigged with explosives which could have gone off anytime a a single bullet or spark hit it.

What a useless moment just to drag out the story.

And everyone who gives it a 10/10 probably hasn't watched any better anime stories just review bombing is sad.

Definitely not worth a 10.

Reviewed by blumdeluxe7 / 10

Quite surprising

"Meitantei Conan: Junkoku no naitomea" tells the story of a spy that reveals secret information, thus causing an uproar on many ends.

When I decided to watch this movie, I pretty much guessed it would be like most Detective Conan episodes and films, some kind of a murder case that is solved in the same way it always is, entertaining yet predictable. However, even if some reviewers say that this title doesn't add much to the main plot, it included an odd number of seemingly important characters, among them quite a few that you probably missed out on if you haven't seen newer episodes. Unfortunately, this made the plot a bit confusing because it felt like I was lacking some crucial knowledge but still it is a solid case and in a way better than most real life thrillers are.

All in all you should definitely look up the context before giving this a try but if you have or know all the characters and plotlines anyway, this will be much fun for you.

Reviewed by Oneirosophos10 / 10


After I caught up to this wonderful series, I decided to catch up to the movies too, knowing that anime movies are a double sided axe.

Detective Conan movies range from ok to extremely good, but around 2010, they started putting extremely ugly and ugly to the eye CG animation. 2015's movie had probably one of the worst CG made sequences.

Then, this movie came. And it has the best CG action scenes by far, mixed with the main villains of the show and starring a tragic character.

This, is one of the top Conan movies. And a true victory of Conan, too.

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