Detective Chinatown 2

2018 [CHINESE]

Action / Comedy / Mystery

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Top cast

Michael Pitt Photo
Michael Pitt as Dr. James Springfield
Natasha Liu Bordizzo Photo
Natasha Liu Bordizzo as Chen Ying
Bai Ling Photo
Bai Ling as Aaimali Kunara
Kenneth Tsang Photo
Kenneth Tsang as Uncle Seven
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kamalbeeee8 / 10

Good sequel from first part..

A gangster arranged detective association for find his son's killer.. Nice story screenplay and comedy and finally good twist in climax.. Must watch movie..!!

Reviewed by breeze4710 / 10

I'm hooked.

I heard that the third film in the series was massive in china at launch so i fancied getting a taste of what another country loved.

The energy in this film is insane and it looked like everyone involved in it had a blast as well. I've not laughed so many times in a long time. Comedy, over the top characters and slapstick chases should not work with a murder mystery film. But somehow it's a perfect combination. If you can cope with subtitles and like to see something a little different, watch this film. You wont be disapointed.

Reviewed by jackson_ro2 / 10

Detective Chinatown 2

Grand scale, liable actors and actresses but way too many plot holes and meaningless lines and scenes makes Detective Chinatown 2 a major letdown. Part of what made the first movie work was the grittiness of Thailand sort of matches the two leads of the film, it really accentuates their personality and helps with the flow of the film. But setting it in New York, and using all the landmarks of the city, it really requires something that befitting in an artistic and storyline sense, and the film fails to deliver in that sense. Character motives and story progression is all over the place in the film, although the film does sort of lines everything up towards the end, the journey was already taken by viewers and it was not pretty. Also would have liked them to explain and elaborate on how Tang Ren got to New York in the first place. It just feels the movie was hastily made, and that the Are York and the entire story was added in last second without too much deliberation. The characters and concept works, as it was shown in the first film, but execution really needs to be improved if the franchise is to continue to move forward.

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