Destruction Inc.


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Reviewed by tavm5 / 10

Destruction Inc. is yet another of these Fleischer/Famous Superman cartoons

This was yet another in the Fleischer/Famous Studios series of Superman cartoons. In the one, a guard from the Metropolis Munitions Works factory is found dead in a swamp so Lois Lane goes to work there to uncover a plan to blow it up. Somehow, Superman also seems to be there...Pretty atmospheric outing for the series as we see how things are being kept from happening due to the actions of the Man of Steel. As usual, Ms. Lane ends up being the damsel in distress who would have ended up dead were it not for Clark Kent always being nearby. For an 8 minute short, it's pretty entertaining enough but really, these are starting to become really repetitious concerning plots on these superhero cartoons. Still, if you're a Superman completist, Destruction Inc. is at least worth a look.

Reviewed by preppy-37 / 10

Lesser Superman cartoon

During WWII people at the Metropolis Munitions Works keep getting killed. Lois Lane, sensing a story, becomes a worker at the plant. She (quite conveniently) overhears a plot from saboteurs to blow up the plant. They discover her listening, kidnap her and put her in a torpedo that's going to be used to blow up a ship (!!!). Will Superman find out what's going on and save the day?

So-so entry. The plot is more than a little silly and the introduction of Superman into the story is handled VERY badly. Also watch Lois' skirt change from blue to green in a few shots! Still it is colorful and full of action...the plot just needed work. I give it a 7.

Reviewed by planktonrules7 / 10

You'd think the saboteurs would pick a city other than Metropolis!

"Destruction Inc." is a very typical Superman cartoon from the WWII era. While many of the plots did NOT involve spies and the Axis Powers, many did--and this one is about saboteurs intent on destroying a defense plant. It begins with a night watchman from the local plant being murdered, so Clark goes in disguise to take the job. Of course, Lois also goes to work at the plant and she overhears the boss, Mr. Jones, talking about blowing up the place! They catch up with her after giving chase (Lois, for her part, did a great job trying to get away) and stuff her into a torpedo casing--intent on blowing her up!! However, since Clark is nearby, he springs into action and saves America, apple pie and Lois! As I mentioned above, this is all very typical. And, it might surprise you that in many of these early cartoons Superman isn't quite as invincible as he seemed later. When a load of scrap metal is dumped on him, he IS stunned and cannot quickly extricate himself. Overall, decent animation and a decent amount of action make this one worth while though it isn't especially inspired since it's so familiar.

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