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Reviewed by kosmasp8 / 10

Love and lust

I always wanted to watch this movie, but I never came around to it ... until earlier that is. Now as a teenager I surely was attracted to this because of the steamy theme it promised. But there is more to this than just a hot love affair. Two people who are different, but attracted to each other ... actually being "different" never stopped any love affair - it more often than not encouraged it.

As is the case here. And while you get hot and steamy sexy scenes every once in a while, you also get the psychological issues and strains it gives the characters ... one might say the problems are self induced ... and they wouldn't be wrong ... the question is, aren't we all different and therefor act weird ... or whatever others would call weird. Life would be simple and boring if things would go smoothly ... even if we would wish it sometimes ... or many times.

Great drama, great performances - it may be your desire ...

Reviewed by myrrha10 / 10

The film is wonderful, but not so successful.

I was deeply moved by this film. The use of a wonderful poem by Matthew Arnold as the guideline for the movie was extremely well made. I loved the story and the way it was told. In Brazil it was not as successful as I expected it to be, but to me it was a must.

Reviewed by ella_bewd8 / 10

Very worth seeing yet it takes some life experience to sink in it

If you are looking for a movie with a prudent life lesson or just a "happy end/justice to all" thing or an ordinary chick flick, than you might want to go back to Maid In Manhattan's...

It takes some life experience to let the beauty of this movie sink in... and by that I mean - no judgment, simply going for the essence, which ultimately has to be love.

Why am I submitting this comment 13 years after the movie's release and 5 years since I've seen it first? Because they are timeless occasions in life, so common in this new internet/long distance dating era, in which this story reveals that you really don't need to always have it all, the socially acceptable and expected full packaged "life together" deal in order to feel the true love and happiness.

This love story gives hope to those, that haven't had the luck to spend their happily ever after with a person they love and respect the most. Why it didn't happen between the main protagonists, might be the discussion point to the crew that gets their answers by judging other people's choices.

For the rest of us that crave simply feeling alive, loving and loved, the storyline (not perfectly done and not perfectly acted) offers the wealth of thinking beyond the compromise and the white picket fence. Upliftng, hopeful, giving and enriching for what it is - a treasure that can happen in one's lifetime.

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