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Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

basic B-movie

Moises (Gael García Bernal) is crossing the American-Mexican border with a group of other illegals. Their truck breaks down and they're walking across the desert. Moises helps those who have fallen behind. The leading group is massacred by lone gunman Sam (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Moises and the remaining survivors are pursued by Sam and his dog.

It's a simple man hunting man movie. It's basic B-movie. The premise gets on the political radar and both sides find fault in this. One should ignore trying to make a policy statement from a pulpy B-movie. That's all this is and it can't support more than that. More than anything, I would change some of the events. Moises seems to be the helpful type at first. When the dog first attacked, he should go back to help. Somebody should pick up a rock at least. He seems to be smart and calm. He should be able understand that with a dog, the gunman will track them down one by one without a doubt. Later, there is a moment when Moises abandons Adela. It may be logical but it's ill-fitting emotionally. Those are the only two scenes with which I have a problem. Otherwise, this is simple B-movie and Gael is a great actor.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters3 / 10

You keep your luck

Another human hunting film. It is Sam (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) vs. illegals. If the desert and snakes don't kill you, Sam and his dog will. Sam calls in the crossing, but nothing is done so he takes matters into his own hands. Sam drinks a cloudy form of Jack Daniels, most likely ice tea. Like all human hunting films, the hunted takes it back to the hunter...yawn. Formula and shallow film. Of course it takes a real man to hunt unarmed people with a high powered rifle from 1,000 + yards. Made me pity the immigrants instead of creating a meaningful discussion of the issue.

Guide: No sex or nudity.

Reviewed by kosmasp7 / 10

Prey for them

If you keep yourself distanced from others, you do not recognize those others as human beings. As fellow persons, who deserve your respect. This was done and thought of way before someone claimed he wanted to build a wall, that would solve the "problem" at hand here. Politics aside for a moment if possible, this is a journey for people who seek a better future for themselves.

Of course some would say and argue they don't deserve that and we'd be right back to square one. So while I said politics aside, it's almost impossible to watch this and not having an opinion on it. Whether you think the people crossing the border are doing the right thing or the guy not letting them off the hook so easy is the one who's right, do not forget: We're talking human beings here. And while this is a fictional movie, there is some real life based idea behind this. Which makes it somewhat hard to watch if you think too much about it.

But as a movie it works. The characters are believable enough and the suspension is high as it should be ...

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