Dennis the Menace Strikes Again!


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Reviewed by bellino-angelo20142 / 10

Very mediocre sequel that should have never been made

I really liked the original DENNIS THE MENACE. It was funny, lighthearted and with Christopher Lloyd that played a great villain as Sam Switchblade. I saw the sequel out of curiosity but I really regret it and it sorely misses the cast of the original including Lloyd.

2 years after the event of the original Dennis Mitchell is worse than ever. He goes to Mr. Wilson (Don Rickels instead of Walter Matthau) to taking a small collection of tiny animals, but this makes Wilson fall down a flight of stairs and getting his birthday cake thrown in the face by Martha. Soon Dennis' grandfather Mr. Johnson (George Kennedy) arrives and tells the Mitchells he is going to move there. Dennis is happy and begins to spend more time with his grandfather. George is then upset that he is getting older and so is tricked by two con men, the Professor and his assistant Sylvester (Brian Doyle Murray and Carrot Top) that try to convince him in buying a rare root that should be put in tea for making people return younger. But they don't know Dennis Mitchell yet as he will do everything for foiling their inane plans while also causing more trouble for Mr. Wilson.

A different cast and a different setting are the most likely reasons of the failure of this direct-to-video sequel. The humour didn't made the laugh not even once, and most of the jokes made me cringe a lot. The actors here are all very bland, they never seem to actually act except for George Kennedy who is probably the only one actually trying.

Among the worst family movie sequels ever made, but there is something positive about it and I discovered it only after lots of thinking. So, what's the only good thing about this movie? It has never been released in theaters! Otherwise they would have made at least other 10 sequels each worse than the other.

Reviewed by jboothmillard2 / 10

Dennis the Menace Strikes Again!

The first live action cartoon based film with Walther Matthau and little Mason Gamble is quite amusing, and this was straight-to-video sequel attempt. Basically Dennis Mitchell (Liar Liar's Justin Cooper) still causes misery for old neighbour George Wilson (Toy Story's Don Rickles),his wife Martha (Betty White) likes her and keeps reminding him he's a child. Mr. Wilson wishes Dennis could bother another old man, and along comes Grandpa (Thunderbolt and Lightfoot's George Kennedy) to take him out a little bit, but it is obvious he doesn't have as much time as he thought. Mr. Wilson isn't just worrying about how Dennis will make his life misery, he is worried that he is ageing too quickly, and cons the Professor (Brian Doyle-Murray) and Sylvester (Scott 'Carrot Top' Thompson) who in various disguises are trying to trick him into giving them loads of his money. Dennis meanwhile is not only causing chaos for Mr. Wilson and one or two other people in the neighbourhood, but he can't rid of "girlfriend" Margaret (Jacqueline Steiger),who wants to marry him. Dennis catches on to the con artists sponging off Mr. Wilson, and he saves the day in the end, and Mr. Wilson sees that Dennis does have his good side, for about ten minutes. Also starring Dwier Brown as Henry Mitchell, Heidi Swedberg as Alice Mitchell and Spy Kids' Alexa Vega as Gina. Cooper might be cute as the disaster prone little troublemaker, and the sequence where he tries to wash a car with candy floss mix instead of pink soap was amusing, but young Steiger is like the four-eyed equivalent of Annie, i.e. irritating, and it is a dull story, unfunny and just an overall boring family comedy. Pretty poor!

Reviewed by rossrobinson10 / 10


Dennis the Menace strikes again i think is a good fantastic movie but i still prefer the orignal Dennis movie, Dennis the Menace was made in 1993 then 5 years later Dennis the Menace strikes again was made in 1998. Starring Don Rickles, and George kennedy. I give this movie 10 out of 10.

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