Demon Hole


Action / Comedy / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mlhare5 / 10

Worth a watch

I liked the movie. The acting was average, better than lots of lower budget for sure. It was hard to like any of the characters. Not sure if thats because the script or acting though. I thought the effects were really good. Its like they took their money and focused on 1 thing which is a mistake others make. I didnt like the political correctness they threw in. I watch tv to get lost in an imaginary world and dont need pc thrown in. Even though i am a woman doesnt mean i watch movies where women the heros. Lots of times those movies suck.

Reviewed by tmccull521 / 10

"We're lost and in trouble... let's get high!!!"

Idiots wander onto ancient Native American sacred territory. Idiots become lost. Idiots decide to do what everyone does in stupid horror movies like this one when they're lost and in trouble... they get baked. Ancient demon from sacred territory messes with Idiots. Idiots continue to do idiotic things that make absolutely no sense given their situation and circumstances. Idiots die one by one.

The end.

Reviewed by bsw034 / 10

I somewhat enjoyed it.

Elements of the story were original and somewhat fresh if the story itself was not and despite the plot holes. I chuckled once and thought the writing was moderate. The racism portrayed as the characters boarded the bus felt accurate and I appreciated it being shown. The beginning dragged on but the movie picked up a bit. I appreciated just how manipulative the demon was.

I'd only watch this is you have time to burn. It's a nice b rated horror movie that replays some and freshens other old tropes.

It's weird, I've been noticing nudity (top mainly but some full) returning to horror films made the past few years (I grew up in the 80's),and this work is no exception.

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