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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp6 / 10

Playing tricks

Is it the mind, is it something or somebody else? When someone suffers from Dementia, the Question is how do you keep track of what they might have gone through? Obviously this plays a big part of the story, since you have to decide what you believe happens or happened.

So since there are only two options (he did/she did),it's rather pointless saying or thinking "I knew it". Chances are you will be aware what the truth is though and where this is heading. It still is rather well made and has quite some suspense to offer nonetheless. The acting is ok and while there is a "sequel", it does not have anything to do with this movie at all

Reviewed by trashgang7 / 10

saved by the acting of Gene Jones

I just picked this up because it was filed as a horror movie. Can't agree with that, for me it was 100% thriller. Not that it was bad but it doesn't have any really suspense. The saving of this flick lays in the acting.

Diagnosed with dementia it's time to bring a nurse at home and of course that nurse has dark secrets. Let that be the main story. But the darkness never really comes in for me. But I must also say that I never was bored at all, so it's above mediocre. But no red stuff really to find throughout this picture except for one shot that involves some kind of dream were a veteran is biting the flesh from his arm. Let that part be the most horrifying thing to see. It's Gene Jones (George) who makes it watchable.

Gore 0/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 2/5 Story 2,5/5 Comedy 0/5

Reviewed by LeonLouisRicci7 / 10

Production Flaw Inexcusable but Thriller Indie Works for the Most Part

Other Reviewers on the IMDb Site have pointed out that during a Crucial Scene near the End, a Sound Editing Problem Exists that is Unfathomable.

The Music Swells to completely Drown Out the Dialog between Characters and it leaves Unanswered Questions and a Frustration that can't be ignored. It's only One Scene but it's a Critical Scene and is Unacceptable.

Other than that bit of Clumsiness, the Movie is a Good Psychological Thriller that is Well Acted and Staged. Some Gruesome Horror and Tense Situations make for an Unsettling Uncovering of what's going on in the Mind of an Elderly Man (Gene Jones) and His Live-In-Nurse (Kristina Klebe).

There's some Fine Back Up Performances from Hassie Harrison and Jerry Lockhart and both Add to the Edgy Excitement. The Denouement is both Predictable and somewhat Surprising and the Film is Finely Photographed

Overall, Worth a Watch for Fans of Thrillers and Indie Cinema.

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