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Sophia Myles Photo
Sophia Myles as Beth Barnes
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Talisa Garcia as Sofia Perez
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Amanda Abbington as Connie
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Kevin McNally as Colonel Pike
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by johnthebigbuddha8 / 10

Unexpectedly deep

The trailer for this movie is a bit misleading. The film is definitely a riot, I laughed out loud at least a dozen times. But the theme of honesty is really powerful. There are some scenes that really stuck with me, like when George and Martin are discussing immigration or the Sofia character is talking about her gender. They really hit me in the gut - I wasn't expecting that. What also amazed me was how much I felt for characters that I initially thought were really hateful individuals (thinking of Buck or George here). A very original screenplay and wonderfully directed with a perfect cast. The Bitcoin angle did not interest me as much as it would some other people - hence 8/10 instead of 10/10.

Reviewed by kattycitrine10 / 10

This movie is a riot

What's up with the people who are giving this movie 2 and 3 stars? It is absolutely funny and humorous (rather than humerous!). I pretty much wet myself when I was watching it. Buck is a blast, and I love Beth and all the other characters. And it's deep too. Maybe not everyone's smart enough to get that the first time round, but it's pretty obvious if you watch and listen at the same time. It's a great movie, and that's why I've given it ten stars.

Reviewed by zackhefter10 / 10

Totally wicked indie film

Decrypted is a riot. I don't think I'm giving anything away by saying it's an NSA mission to take down bitcoin that goes horribly wrong. That's in the synopsis all over the place. But it's so much more than that. You've got all these kind of twisted characters who are forced to come clean about their prejudices and discuss them. Exactly what isn't happening in the world right now. But it's no done in any kind of preachy way. It's constantly entertaining and really funny. I laughed out loud seven or eight times. And I was in a bad mood when I sat down to watch it. Brilliant stuff.

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