Death Line


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Christopher Lee Photo
Christopher Lee as Stratton-Villiers, MI5
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Donald Pleasence as Inspector Calhoun
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Clive Swift as Inspector Richardson
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David Ladd as Alex Campbell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gavin69427 / 10

Cannibals... In England?

There is something pretty grisly going on under London in the Tube tunnels between Holborn and Russell Square...

Donald Pleasance plays an inspector, which is pretty much the role he plays best (even in "Halloween" he comes off more as a detective than a shrink). He is especially combative here, scolding a witness for his shaggy hair and living with his girlfriend before marriage.

Christopher Lee plays an MI-5 man, which puts him at odds with Pleasance, who wants to keep the investigation local rather than federal. Pleasance versus Lee, what a match-up! I like Lee's mustache and hat, making him look more like he should be hanging out with Peter Sellers and John Cleese than conducting a federal investigation!

While today it is not unusual to think of cannibals in mountains (Appalachia, perhaps, or Eastern Europe),we do not generally think of England as a home for flesh-eating ghouls. Well, this film changes that view!

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca7 / 10

Grim and ghastly

DEATH LINE is a grim and ghastly slice of British horror that's only suitable for acquired tastes. By that I mean that it's a slow-moving affair, almost ponderous at times, that nonetheless offers up some moments of stark, graphic horror that are among the strongest you'll find in 1970s cinema; think Pete Walker, think the video nasties boom, and you'll be there; it's no surprise that this was heavily censored when first released on video. It's the first of the small sub-genre of horror films set beneath the city streets, with C.H.U.D. a notable follow up and CREEP a pure rip-off of this. The nasty ghastliness is offset by a delightful double act consisting of Donald Pleasence and Norman Rossington, who supply laughs aplenty. The film's slow pacing is bolstered by tons of atmosphere and creepy scenes shot in real-life abandoned locations; the end result is unsettling in the extreme.

Reviewed by MartinHafer3 / 10

Unbelievably graphic and sick--and after all these years STILL a film that would disturb many viewers!

I need to strongly caution people before they watch this film. Even though it was made more than 30 years ago, the violence is amazingly graphic and intense. Considering how primitive special effects were supposed to have been back then, this film STILL will make many squirm and might turn some stomachs--it's THAT intense. I strongly advise responsible parents to consider this before letting the kids see this one or even seeing it themselves.

DEATH LINE (aka RAW MEAT) is a low-budget shocker that simply has a very stupid and difficult to stomach plot--though it is good if you are wanting a shock. Apparently, back in the 1890s there was a cave-in and a group of workers digging tunnels for the London subway were stuck under ground. This film wants the viewer to suspend all disbelief and accept that the people survived for about 80 years! And, more ridiculous, that they survive now by sneaking out of this collapsed tunnel to kill unsuspecting passengers and eat them! Think about it--if they found a way to tunnel from their underground prison, do you think they would then kill and eat people or simply head to the first fish and chips restaurant or pub?!? Also, after only about eight decades, the lone survivor cannot speak a single word of English!! You are to assume that although they live in these caverns, the people never talked or taught their children to talk!!! Ha! The gross part of all this is that once victims are kidnapped, they are taken back to the lair and the freaks drink the victims' blood and chop them to pieces. Seeing a room filled with rotting and partially rotted corpses was very realistic--as was the scene where the freak bit the head off a poor old rat!! Sick stuff to be sure. Also, not to be content with all this, the crazy old freak buries a shovel half way through a guy's head and tries to rape a lady!

This is definitely NOT horror the way your grandparents used to watch when they were kids!!! So, despite all this gore and a dopey plot, why do I still give the film a 3? Well, because it is hard to take your eyes off this mess--sort of like watching a train wreck combined with a horror film! It is, I hate to admit, pretty entertaining--though you may just feel ashamed of yourself for enjoying this sick mess of a dopey film.

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