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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by robertcook2427 / 10

Shawn McClane

Great found footage horror flick with some really funny bits.

Shawn summons his inner John McClane as he stumbles around a haunted house getting beaten down at every turn before finally dishing out an ass whooping of his own.

Shawn is rather unlikeable at the start but shows some growth as a person during the movie to the point where you actually start rooting for him. It was great fun to see him relapse in the closing moments of the movie at the house then punish him for it.

This movie has some surprises and genuine laugh out loud moments. Get some buddies round and some popcorn to watch this, you're guaranteed to have a blast.

Reviewed by Scodelli6 / 10

An okay movie. Not great but certainly not bad either.

The humor fell flat for me. A heavy blow, considering this starts as a horror comedy. However the comedy disappears in the latter part of the movie.

They capitalized on the 'youtuber' thing pretty well. For a found footage movie this was actually not bad. It was pretty streamlined and painless.

There was no "Is it on? Can you hear me? 'Here let me change this.' etc..."

The latter half of the movie is service-ably scary. There were some moments I considered weak but I don't want to be too hard on this film.

It does feel like a breath of fresh air in the well worn found footage genre.

It's fairly unique in how it approaches found footage due to the 'youtuber' aspect of the movie. Which is a plus.

There's a twist. Somethings are revealed before the end. Fairly standard horror stuff.

For me it was an okay movie. In terms of scariness it was so so, in my opinion. Gets uncomfortable but doesn't come close to the scariness of movies like Rec and other films. It's certainly not in that class of films.

It's entertaining enough. I never got bored which is a plus, especially for this kind of movie.

But ultimately it was just okay.

Not bad but not great either. Just an average horror movie that gets some points for originality but is ultimately so so.

Reviewed by captainchrisandrews10 / 10

Really well made and clever

Very funny, descending throughout the film into legitimate terror, cleverly filmed through the main character's cameras for his live stream (complete with viewer comments that are both funny and narrative enhancing). This is everything the Blair Witch Project should have been. See it in a theater, an audience's reactions really elevate the experience.

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