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Reviewed by capkronos6 / 10

A late entry in its genre, but (Surprise!)...

This film is a blast! DEAD GIRLS falls into the now-defunct category of "heavy metal horror," a small subgenre that mixed 80s rock mentality, big hair and leather pants with either a slasher or satanism horror plot. Other films in this field include ROCKTOBER BLOOD (1984),TRICK OR TREATS (1986),SLAUGHTERHOUSE ROCK (1987) and SHOCK 'EM DEAD (1990),but DEAD GIRLS has them all beat. Despite a loopy plot and low-budget limitations, director Dennis Devine pulls out the stops to make sure this is an entertaining film.

The Plot: Gina, lead singer of the all-female rock band The Dead Girls, has ESP abilities and foresees the future. In the opening dream, Gina's sister Brooke ("Life's a dog! A total bummer!") and her friends commit group suicide, slashing their wrists with razors. Brooke ends up surviving, so Gina and the band travel back to her hometown, where everyone finds their morbid lyrics to be responsible for the teenage suicide deaths. The band decides they need a vacation so Brooke can recooperate and they can avoid bad publicity, so off they go (with tour manger Jeff and a nurse) to a secluded lakeside cabin. A black-gloved psycho in a trench coat and skull-face mask shows up and starts to kill everyone off. The murderer kills according to the band lyrics, leaving behind such titles as "Nail Gun Murders" and "Drown Your Sorrows" at the scene of each murder.

Points are deducted from the film for its fully clichéd plot, and it is, like I said, a late bloomer in both the slasher genre and the heavy metal film genre, but it's still a very fun flick...featuring fine acting from a likable cast, good gore effects and a well-written script with several interesting plot twists. Some may think the end goes a TAD bit overboard, but it's unpredictable and original. And despite what the other poster said, this was not shot on video. The film looks fine.

Reviewed by bfan836 / 10

In my opinion, Dennis Devine's best film...

*POSSIBLE SPOILERS!* Some horror fans would probably debate with me over this. Some think BLOODSTREAM his Dennis Devine's best film. Considering I haven't seen it yet, I will say DEAD GIRLS is probably his best film. It was a late entry in the genre, but it still managed to entertain. It also has some chilling moments (i.e. the dream sequences with Gina's sister Brooke come to mind). DEAD GIRLS tells the story of an all girl rock band called "The Dead Girls" whose main claim to fame is performing songs about suicide, death, and destruction. Gina, the leader of the band is called back home because her sister Brooke attempted suicide after listening to her sister's songs ("Life's a dog!" A total bummer!" "The only to get out is to end it!") A line she spouts to her friends as she convinces them to commit mass suicide. Upon her arrival home, her aunt (a grotesque man-looking woman who condemns Gina for her lifestyle) hassles her, Brooke's boyfriend blames Gina, and Brooke's church pastor tells Gina she has strayed from her path with God. On top of all this, Gina is having horrible nightmares of being murdered by her sister, Brooke. In order to recuperate and spend time with her sister, Gina and her band, along with Brooke, Brooke's bitchy nurse, and their bodyguard head up to Gina's family's cabin for a nice vacation. Soon, the band members start dying horribly, one by one. They are killed off according to songs that the band has performed (i.e. Drown Your Sorrows, Nail Gun Murders). The remaining band members and Gina try to figure out who is killing everybody and try to stay alive. I was actually surprised by who the killer was. His motive wasn't that original, but the actor pulled it off well. The woman who plays Gina also did quite well in her role. She is a good actress who showed potential. Too bad she is no longer actively involved in the industry. I'm positive she would have made it to the A-List industry.

The negatives of DEAD GIRLS was the choppy editing and the horrible mono sound sometimes resulting in the actor's dialogue being muffled. Horror fans should be happy to know that it sports a decent body count and a wonderful twist ending that I did not see coming. Any self-respecting horror fan should enjoy DEAD GIRLS. It's a prime example of the late 80s/early 90s "Heavy Metal" slasher flick sub-genre that soon died out. It's probably the best one too. Unfortunately, DEAD GIRLS is now super-rare and I doubt it will ever see a legitimate DVD release. If you are able to track it down, I urge any horror fan to buy it. It's definitely worth the price.

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh7 / 10

Rocktober Blood Part 2.

A frenzied killer wearing a fedora and a skull mask stalks and murders the members of hard rock group Dead Girls during their weekend in the cabin.The girls have interesting names for example Nancy Napalm,Bertha Beruit,Lucy Lethal and Cynthia Slain.There is also mildly retarded Elmo the caretaker who enjoys watching girls naked or semi-naked."Dead Girls" by Dennis Devine is one of the few better rock slasher movies.The cast is OK,the budget is low and the killings are suitably gory.I enjoyed its downbeat ending too.It's a crying shame that we don't see Dead Girls performing on stage.As a fan of depressive black metal or doom metal I'd like to hear their lyrics about suicide and death.Fans of "Rocktober Blood" or "Terror on Tour" should give this one a try.6 suicide pacts out of 10.

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