De verbouwing

2012 [DUTCH]

Drama / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MdlndeHond4 / 10

I've seen crap before.......

After the screening of De Eetclub I got into this skeptical yet hopeful. And compared to Eetclub (lacks all story line) it did start of moderately okay. The story moves fairly fast and it has some interesting plots. Thanks to Blok it had some weight and mystery. But even Blok can not prevent from this thriller busting of the tracks half way through the story and becoming a runaway train storming downhill through B, C and D movie to end station oblivia.

To blame is mostly the characters that seem to move as limbless puppets to accommodate the storyline. What ever is thrown at them they just seem to absorb it with very little interest. Child missing? Affairs? Extortion? With a shrug and a sigh they move on to the next scene making this a very one dimensional pragmatic movie on automatic pilot almost. Better luck next time...or maybe not for me.

Reviewed by jéwé8 / 10


De Verbouwing is a nice, not too complicated Dutch thriller. With a lot of familiar faces from television dramas like Goede Tijden, Vuurzee, Gooische Vrouwen. Having said that, the film also feels like a television drama. It is smooth, well acted, not much action, but tense at times. The music reminded me very much of the soundtrack of "Basic Instinct'. Tjitske has a lot of screen time and handles it very well. No Oscar material but very worth watching. From the book by Saskia Noort with the same title. Save it for a rainy afternoon and you will have a good time. And for foreign viewers remember: Dutch viewers very much like to trash their own movies, so the average rating and criticism seem rather typical but says more about the viewers than the movie.

Reviewed by blogurious6 / 10

Trust is not everything

You don't have to resource to supernatural beliefs in order to make a pact with the devil. In fact, our everyday life is full of suggestions that, when not taken into consideration, might tie us up to a life threatening contract.

"De Verbowing" is a Dutch production that simply tackles the game of trust and how personal vulnerability can get you into irreversible traumas. It's a good thriller that not only entertains but also makes you wonder how much can you trust the people that come into your life. The acting is balanced and the action nicely measured. It's more about how things can get out of hand when decisions are made in a moment of desperation.

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