DC Super Hero Girls: Legends of Atlantis


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Mae Whitman Photo
Mae Whitman as Batgirl
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Tara Strong as Harley Quinn / Poison Ivy / Raven
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Danica McKellar as Frost
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Grey Griffin as Wonder Woman
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Reviewed by willis-0665410 / 10

Daughter Loves This

Watched this with my 7yr old and she loved it same as the previous two titles, shame it shows the rating so low because of some 30+yr old men rating this stupidly, its a childrens movie and personally that is the only review that matters to me in this case as its for their entertainment and by my daughters reaction having to watch it 4 times back to back safe to say she enjoys it it does also depend on if your child is into the whole superhero thing aswell

Reviewed by WeAreLive1 / 10

DC Stop!

It is bad enough this show exisit do you really have to make movies about it as well?

Aquaman is weak and a laid back jerk. Also why is he an d Mera teenagers like Hal, Flash and WW.

Siren is apparently Mera's sister.

Harley chearing up raven but failing I hope Tara Strong remembers to collect her pay cheak.

Oh and well done for wasting good voice talents like Max Mittleman and Erica Lindbeck who have appeared and impressed me in various animes like Your Lie In April and Coppelion. A good to target anime fans I hope this show never touches anyone from Funimation like Aaron Dismuke or Alexis Tipton.

All and all another bad example of DC trying to push this show but nice try I can't wait for DC Super Hero Girls the jokers fun house or DC Super Hero Girls Red Lantern Planet.

Reviewed by blytheandferb10 / 10

This Movie Is Amazing

Well, it's time to grab your scuba gear, and dive underwater for another DC Superhero Girls adventure. This is "DC Superhero Girls: Legends Of Atlantis". Let's begin.

The movie starts with the discovery of The Book Of Legends, a powerful book with dark magic. When the girls lock it away, Mera and Siren steal it from them in order to take over Atlantis from Aquaman. The girls then try to go underwater to stop them and keep the surface world from flooding. This movie packs in quite a lot in just 75 minutes, yet it manages to tie itself well with a moral on being able to overcome your personal issues and rise to true courage and heroism. Let's talk about the four major character arcs in this movie.

Wonder Woman's story: Oh man, is Wonder Woman sympathetic here. Let me explain. When she was a child, she met up with Mera and Siren when playing on the beach, and almost died when she was dragged underwater and attacked by sea monsters. Since then, she's had a crippling fear of the sea monsters, essentially being traumatized. Wow! That's pretty tragic. She's more impulsive and snappish due to her struggles in trying to lead the team to save the team. What really helps her case is her altruism shining through. She maintains the innate desire to do good while also making sure no one gets hurt or almost sacrifices themselves to help her out. It also helps that she at least feels like she doesn't want to be a hindrance to the mission.

Mera and Siren's story: Now let's talk about the sisters Mera and Siren. Since they were young, they've been orphans, and just want to be able to get by in life and survive. How they go about it is where they differ. Mera doesn't actually want to do anything bad. She just wants to be part of a good home, and actively goes out of her way to minimize collateral damage, and even save people when she can, as shown in the flashback where she saved Wonder Woman, but left before she woke up. Siren, on the other hand, is more vindictive. Although she's also sympathetic, she goes way too far in her endeavors, wanting her sister to stay onboard with her and getting less tolerant of her goodness, and resorting to conquering Atlantis and locking away her sister. She does still have a FreudianExcuse of not wanting to be stepped on, but Mera is still more sympathetic since she actively tries to do the right thing, but doesn't have the spine to stand up for herself.

Harley and Raven's story: Now let's talk about Harley and Raven's plot. When locking away The Book Of Legends, Raven accidentally swaps Batgirl and SuperGirl's powers (which I elaborate on below),and is too hesitant to use her magic when it goes haywire, and closes herself off to protect others. Harley tries to cheer her up and make her more proactive. So, we have a nice "opposites attract" vibe where both Harley and Raven are pretty likable. Harley is trying to do what she can to help Raven open herself more to others, while Raven doesn't want to be seen as a weak link in the school's sturdy chain. It helps that Raven is still learning more about who she is, while Harley at least has respect for her privacy.

Batgirl and Supergirl's story: As mentioned above, Raven accidentally swaps their powers. Batgirl becomes rather impulsive with her newfound powers, while SuperGirl is a bonafide geek with her new intelligence. They naturally struggle, but it works with their characters. Batgirl is no slouch in a fight, but she's more tech based in combat. While SuperGirl isn't dumb, she is more reliant on using brute strength in a battle. The undying support they have for each other is rather admirable.

So, how does everything end? Well, it starts with Harley restoring Raven's confidence when she shows her how much others need her, and she successfully turns Batgirl and SuperGirl back to normal. Batgirl then hatches a foolproof plan taking advantage of the general area. It then cuts to Mera using her cunning to trick Siren, while she and Wonder Woman work together to finish her off and restore power. The girls are honored as heroes of Atlantis, and Siren is banished, with Mera feeling bad for her. Add in some slick action and straight up fun humor, and you have an enjoyable movie.

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