DC Showcase: Blue Beetle


Action / Adventure / Animation / Sci-Fi

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Ashly Burch Photo
Ashly Burch as Nightshade
Matt Lanter Photo
Matt Lanter as Blue Beetle
Tom Kenny Photo
Tom Kenny as Dr. Spectro
Jeff Bennett Photo
Jeff Bennett as Captain Atom / Pops
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ashfordofficial4 / 10


It's nice to see the Charlton Comics characters like Blue Beetle, The Question, Captain Atom and Nightshade appearing in the style of a late 1960s Saturday morning superhero cartoon.

Reviewed by diesil-spikons-united7 / 10

DC & WB is back with the golden age style.

As a big fan of Golden age WB & Hanna Barbera fan, the way they made it the goofy sound effects and the classic cartoon style instantly threw me into 1980's when I as a child used to enjoy them. A big thanks to DC & WB to bringing back my nostalgia, it would be great if you guys bring back all the classic characters like Space ghost, Captain planet, Bird man, Thundercat's and the list goes on let the Classic see the modern era light.

I really hate the dumb*ss cartoons I see now a days in the mad box s*it.

Reviewed by waywardlaser10 / 10

DC Animation hits another home run

Alright, am I crazy or is this the best DC Showcase short they've made so far? Thanks to the Steve Ditko connection this is actually a really funny, self-aware send-up of 60s Spider-Man, among other low-budget superhero programs of the time. How often do I honestly get to say "man, I'm really enjoying these deliberate animation errors."

It's even funnier if you picture all the Charlton Comics characters as their Watchmen counterparts.

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