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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo5 / 10

Everything is pitch black.

I was quite impressed with Jaume Balaguero's first feature "The Nameless" which mightn't have been original, but it was coldly disturbing and effectively suspenseful. Now I heard and read nothing but poor things on his second feature "Darkness". I couldn't escape the negativity, and naturally I was expecting something very weak. However came away from it thinking what an interesting failure into supernatural/occult territory. The main problem is due the story's stale familiarity, which never really is given the chance to rise above its foreseeable hints, embarrassingly shallow script and ludicrously ragged framework. Talk about hazy, and I mean real hazy. It's cryptic, but extremely convoluted and mundane. Even with Balaguero's understated, glossed up icy direction, which works in some eerie, and jarring visuals that go a long way of building up a quiet intensity and dreary atmosphere.

Still everything about it is downright mechanical and probably a bit long in the tooth, but it didn't seem to bother me because I found it rather intriguing despite the muddled, paper-thin intentions. There's just something lurking behind this jilted mess that I found fascinating, but the narrative does get lost amongst the busy visual style. From the beginning, we learn it's all about the casually paced build-up, but the shocks are too clichéd (like creaky sounds, moving shadows) and the final pay-off doesn't have too much of a sting to it. Technically the film looks the part with its dark composition and sterile cinematography, and the weeping, otherworldly music score works a haunting tone. The sound devices are so old-hat and forced, but they're pinpoint, vitriolic and really do surround you. The characters don't fair any better, and I thought the performances from a solid cast were modest enough even with their flimsy characterisations. Anna Paquin was suitably appealing and maturely strong, but a awful Lena Olin looked quite uninterested and Iain Glen was terribly uneven. Giancarlo Giannini stays on cruise control, and Stephan Enquist turns in a fine performance.

Reviewed by ma-cortes6 / 10

Spooky and creepy Spanish film with international cast

The movie centers about a family living outskirts Barcelona and the terrible events that happen to the daughter (Anna Paquin) and the rest of family : father (Iain Glenn) , mother (Lena Olin) and grandfather (Giancarlo Giannini).

The motion picture gets a certain likeness to films as ¨Amytiville¨ saga and the recent ¨The others¨ and ¨The sixth sense¨ , the director Jaume Balaguero takes parts each other films . In the movie there is terror , suspense , drama and from the beginning until ending the horror and tension is endless . The picture plot is pretty twisted and the final has an extraordinary surprise .

Interpretation by Anna Paquin as scared adolescent is average , she's very young and lack her experience , better play her grandfather and parents : Giancarlo Giannini , Lena Olin and Iain Glenn , both of whom are riveting . The film is produced by Julio Fernandez of Fantastic Factory , corporation with deal of hits in terror genre.

Balaguero direction is outstanding , Xavi Gimenez cinematography with lights and shades originates a frightening and scary atmosphere and Carlos Cases music creates true fear . Director Jaume Balagueró (Rec , Rec 2 .., Fragiles , The nameless , Tight sleep) uses uneasy knowledge for both horror and supernatural genre .

The flick will appeal to ghostly atmosphere enthusiasts and horror genre fans . Rating : 6,5/10 good

Reviewed by Captain_Couth9 / 10

Lovecraftian horror returns to the screen in this interesting film.

Darkness (2002) (International Version) is an intense horror film about creatures and other unspeakable horrors that dwell within the shadows of a decrepit house. The story is also about a phantasmagorical event that occurred in the same area forty years before. It happened during a solar eclipse, an unusual phenomenon that occurs in the region every forty years. An American family moves into the house full of secrets. This family, like so many others has secrets themselves. What seems like an ordinary unit is fragile within.

Anna Paquin stars as the daughter who has doubts about the longevity of this "happy" household. Lena Olin co-stars as the mother whilst the dude from the first Tomb Raider plays the father. He does a good job as a man who's frail psyche is on the verge of a total meltdown. Ms. Olin is great as the mother in total denial. Paquin takes the movie into her capable hands as the lead actress. I happen to like this movie after watching it a second time. A very layered film with many references and thematic overtones of one of my favorite writers H.P. Lovecraft. The filmmakers do a better job of portraying his work than most who try and do a straight forward presentation.

I haven't seen the edited American release (and I probably don't want to) but the international version is a visual treat for any true fan of horror. I have to recommend this film. The Lovecraft themes and the acting from the cast as well as the superb direction make this one a fun film to watch.

Highly recommended (International version only).

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