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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheJonesBones7 / 10

A Quirky, Weird Ride!

Don't heed the low-rater haters on this one! This is a gem of a find among indie films and it's WELL worth your time!

Unlike so many films that cram the details of a storyline down your throat like you're a moron (M. Night Shyamalan, I'm looking at you),this story let's you think for yourself. You won't get every detail handed to you, but that adds to the sense of mystique in the plot.

What is Darken? Who is Mother Darken? What has become of her? Where does the outside go?

This is a film well-done. Solid cast. Fluid dialog. An intriguing ending. They could have run this one as a pilot for an outstanding series that I would probably binge watch.

Pop some corm. Prop your feet. Watch. You won't regret it!

Reviewed by bemyfriend-401843 / 10

Mutha! Mutha!

Let's make a movie!

What will it be about?

Let's make it up as we go!

No! No! Mutha will be displeased! Bwah ha ha haaaaaa..... Nice costumes. Fairly nice set. Everything else stupid. Seen on Tubi, the free streaming site; which as some nice stuff, and some absolute trash. Who makes this stuff, and why?

Reviewed by payasoingenioso8 / 10

Remake This Please

I would appreciate this movie remade. With no science fiction elements. And much more horror and mystery.

The story itself is fascinating and could have been a very realistic film if it were not for the complete and total corniness of the science fiction elements. As well as some corny and overdramatic acting and character choices.

Still, the movie is decent. And the science fiction, at best, gives the movie an interesting dimension.

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