Dark Spell

2021 [RUSSIAN]

Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Romance / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by yukonanthony6 / 10


Modern Russian Cinema often impresses at War, Sci-Fi, & Disaster films ...sometimes, they're surprisingly good. But in my opinion, they still fall slightly short on the Horror genre. I have yet to see one that chilled me to the bone... some have a few scare & creepy scenes, with superb atmospheric filming & effects. But nothing out of ordinary or unique if we're used to watching horror films that already exist on our shelves. As a matter of fact, the ENTIRE HORROR GENRE has deteriorated across the globe for the most part in recent years. Not sure what the problem is...

Reviewed by colinkhenry9 / 10

Ignore the negativity ....

I thought it was a very good story. I'm thinking a lot of the negative reviews are on the 'acting' the only bad acting/script is the Americanisation of the dubbing. The rest of the world don't speak with an American dialect. So makes this Russian film seem poorly scripted. But it's not. Just poorly dubbed.

It's certainly not the predictable Hollywood type supernatural/horror. Yet again possibly why some are negative towards it. Because it's just not Hollywood enough!

Reviewed by mcmcormick10 / 10

I like it

So the whole concept of summoning the devil to get what you want is always a cliche. I mean it obviously ends up bad. But the movie has enough scares to keep you interested. The ending only sucks because the main protagonist gets what's coming to her. It's the devil, right? You always end up losing your soul because you called him.

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