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Reviewed by BA_Harrison8 / 10

Cutie Honey—like a sexy pink power-ranger on amphetamines!

As a rule, any film that relies on a glut of special effects and noisy action set-pieces to try and detract from the fact that its plot is either non-existent or virtually indecipherable will receive a critical mauling from me. However, Cutie Honey is an exception to this rule for two reasons: firstly, it is so absolutely, unashamedly, ridiculously over-the-top that it's almost impossible not to enjoy (despite the increasingly difficult to understand story); and secondly, its star, Eriko Sato, is incredibly gorgeous—call me shallow, but the inclusion of a great looking Japanese babe in a series of sexy outfits really helps me forget about trifling details such as a decent narrative.

In this hyper-stylised manga-based movie from director Hideaki Anno, the stunning Eriko plays a super-powered android (equipped with nano-technology),who is capable of transforming her appearance at will. Keen to have this technology for herself, Sister Jill, leader of the evil Panther Claw organisation, sends her minions to kidnap top scientists, but eventually sets her sights on trapping Cutie Honey herself, whom she hopes to assimilate.

Opening with an insane action-packed sequence in which our sexy heroine battles the nasty Golden Glaw and umpteen black-clad henchmen, the film immediately establishes its cartoonish day-glo style; the next hour-and-a-half is a mind-boggling display of visual inventiveness and cheap titillation—perfect entertainment for those who like their action demented and their women seriously tasty.

Sato is excellent as Cutie Honey, perfectly capturing the innocence of her character whilst simultaneously turning up the heat by wearing a variety of revealing get-ups which include her superhero outfit (pink spandex with a strategically placed heart shaped hole to reveal her ample cleavage),a halter-neck/mini skirt combo, and, once or twice, just her underwear.

The action, which starts out crazy and gets sillier as the film progresses, includes the initial encounter with Golden Claw, who is equipped with prehensile hair, an encounter with a scuttling vampiric creature (Cobalt Claw),and a battle atop the giant drill-shaped Panther Claw HQ (which emerges from beneath the Tokyo Tower) against Scarlet Claw and Black Claw (who inexplicably performs an impromptu song-and-dance number mid-fight).

The ending is a bit of a damp squib (some incomprehensible rubbish in which Cutie nearly turns into a plant and love, once again, saves the day),but with so much fun preceding it, this movie still gets a very reasonable 7.5/10 from me, rounded up to 8 for IMDb.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen6 / 10

Funny, loveable and enjoyable...

This is the second time I've watched the 2004 Japanese movie "Cutie Honey" (aka "Kyûtî Hanî"). Granted, the first time around was in 2004 or 2005. I dug the movie out and revisited it in 2019, just because I essentially had forgotten what it was about.

Now, I am not familiar with the Manga, in either animated or comic book form, so how true this live action movie is to the source material, I have no idea whatsoever.

Let me just say, first and foremost, that you definitely need to be a fan of the over-the-top Japanese cinema, as this 2004 movie is somewhat of an acquired taste. If you are not familiar with some of the strangely bizarre Japanese movies, then chances are big that you will not like "Cutie Honey". Luckily I do enjoy those movies from the Japanese cinema.

The story told in "Cutie Honey" follows Honey Kisaragi (played by Eriko Satô) who is able to turn into a super heroine by the name of Cutie Honey. Her uncle, a brilliant scientist, has been abducted by the villanous criminal group known as Panther Claw, and Cutie Honey must side with police chief Natsuko Aki (played by Mikako Ichikawa) and reporter Seiji Hayami (played by Jun Murakami) in order to take down Sister Jill and the four henchmen Black Claw, Cobalt Claw, Gold Claw and Scarlet Claw to save her uncle.

"Cutie Honey" is a hilarious movie with whacky characters and odd costumes. And while the CGI at times is quite questionable, it actually fits the movie well enough, as it has a certain offbeat charm to it.

This was by no means a movie that would pull home Oscars, nor was it a movie that particularly revolutionized the Japanese cinema, but it is actually quite entertaining for what it turned out to be. If you haven't already seen "Cutie Honey", then I can recommend you do so. I was genuinely entertained by it even the second time watching it.

I am rating the 2004 movie "Cutie Honey" a six out of ten stars.

Reviewed by dbborroughs9 / 10

Manga/Anime come to life with tongue firmly in cheek

I was never a Cutie Honey fan and the thought of a live action version did not thrill me at all. It wasn't until I had read a couple of reviews that I thought perhaps this was worth a look. Having seen the film I can honestly say that this film is absolutely worth a look or two or six.

Cutie Honey is a cyborg super heroine that is out to stop the Panther Claw Gang which has kidnapped her uncle. A year earlier they had killed her father in order to get secret of her existence. Honey pops in and out of disguises as she is hounded by the bad guys, a reporter and a female cop.

The film plays like Power Rangers on acid, mixed with comedy, drama, animation, J-Pop music videos and at least a dozen other things. Its a blast and a half. If you're not hooked in the first five minutes you'll never be, but odds are you will be, especially if you take it on its own terms. Its not really for small kids since there is death and ample bosoms but if you're knowing teen or adult you're the perfect audience for this gem.

I want to give the movie a 10 on the fun scale but I have to refrain simply because the middle third is rather slow, especially when compared to the action that begins and end this movie. There is something about that slow part that it never recovers from.

If you like comedy, action, spoofs, super heroes or any type of movies short of the heaviest of Bergman or other suicide inducing films give this one a shot, it will probably make you smile from ear to ear.

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