Crossing the Bridge


Action / Comedy / Drama

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David Schwimmer Photo
David Schwimmer as John Anderson
Josh Charles Photo
Josh Charles as Mort Golden
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Jeffrey Tambor as Uncle Alby
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Jason Gedrick as Tim Reese
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Havan_IronOak7 / 10

Crossing a bridge as an allegory for a more important transition

Bridges have always been symbolic of transitions, whether from a major to a minor key, from Canada to the US, or from adolescence to adulthood. This film is about those transitions. It seems that all men have stories about when they `came-of-age', about the person they were then and about the friends they shared their lives with. This is another of those films.

This one had a particular resonance for me, as it's set in Michigan in the mid 70's. I lived in Michigan in the mid 70's and have been across the Ambassador Bridge many times. It was also interesting in that I had just seen `Threesome' in which Josh Charles plays a character in love with Stephen Baldwin's character. Add to that, the great songs of the period, that brought back so many memories and the unexpected appearance of David Schwimmer in an early minor role and this was an unexpectedly enjoyable movie experience.

If stories about young men coming of age and becoming the person that they will later be are enjoyable to you then I can highly recommend this movie.

Reviewed by PIST-OFF9 / 10

Ambassador Bridge, baby

This movie is pretty cool. I rented it because it's the only movie filmed in Winsdor, Ontario. Winsdor happens to be a favorite road trip destination of mine, and I even smuggled a little Canadian beer and some cubans back with me so this movie reminds me of me and my two friends. The acting is good enough, and I didn't think of Jason Gedrick's role in Heavenly Kid until the credits role. This movie really speaks to me, it's characters are a few years removed from high school, their hobbies are fighting and drinking beer and there's this nostalgia thing throughout. I give it 9 out of ten now. Maybe in 10 years that will change.

Reviewed by Willie-128 / 10

Good Movie

This was a very good movie about friendship and loyalty, and what can happen when you decide to put everything on the line. It teaches a very good lesson about life, and climaxes at a moment of truth where the characters will make a decision that will determine the future of their lives. I suggest this movie to anyone who can enjoy a movie that might not have necessarily been the biggset blockbuster of all time, but was real and genuine, and about real people in the real world.

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