Crossing the Border - Zhaoguan

2018 [CHINESE]

Drama / Family

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by baydere8 / 10

Confucius teachings from a wise grandpa...

A pleasant low budget road movie featuring a trip to a dying old friend with a slow three-wheel motorcycle by a grandpa and his grandson.

Made beautiful to watch with heartwarming views of nature and the wise teachings from Confucius advising the meaningfulness of being a good person without prejudice but with good will, perseverance and patience.

Highlighting the differences between the generations split by the harsh requirements of today's modern hectic world forcing people to work hard leaving insufficient time for their family and parents, and the old generations for whom to stay alive during difficult times of the past with solidarity, patience and hope for a better future for future generations was more important, a successful piece of work leaving its mark on one's mind. Recommended...

Reviewed by actress_tw7 / 10

Life is like crossing the Border - Zhao Guan

A docu-drama at the first sight, "Crossing the Border - Zhao Guan" is like a stream of river gently and relentlessly flowing towards your heart and mind, via a motor tri-cycle road trip through the countryside of Henan with Grandpa and his little boy Ning Ning. A tiny budget of 400 thousand RMB (which equals about 58 thousand US dollars) didn't reduce the film's production value, but it does add up some expectations with simple yet authentic details and a joint force of directing, performance and scriptwriting. "Do people all die in the end?" , Ning Ning asks. Grandpa usually responds to a question like this with a yes or no followed with a series of stories and flashbacks, then taking us back not only to the aftermath of some "natural disasters" in the late 1950s (when China was already under the Communists' reign),but further more, to more than 2500 years back, when a wise statesman of ancient China got his hair all turned grey over a night's run while he strived to cross the Border - Zhao Guan to escape from a besiege from his rivals. As the lyrics of that famed piece of Chinese opera (sang by Grandpa) go, life is like Wu Tzi-Hsu crossing the Border- Zhao Guan, face the challenges and one will see the way up ahead, easy or hard, sooner or later. In the end, Grandpa seems to have become everyone's grandpa --an ideal type that kids don't feel like saying goodbye to after a trip together and can't wait to make a phone call and share their little secrets to. 7.5/10

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