Crash Dive


Action / Drama / Thriller

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Catherine Bell Photo
Catherine Bell as Lt. Cmdr. Lisa Stark
Kane Hodder Photo
Kane Hodder as Henchman killed by Carter
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Frederic Forrest as Adm. Pendleton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jimmy-1501 / 10

I think this movie was made with a "Cut & Paste" program.

This movie was by far the worst Techno-thriller type movie I have ever seen, I suffered through the entire movie to see who was the brave soul that allowed his/her name to be attached to the technical adviser's slot and who the continuity director was. Now I know that everyone is not an accuracy nut like I am, but having been in the navy, it would be nice to have the film stay in the ball park. The hardest thing about this film to believe is the fact that of the 90 minutes that it ran, 45 of it was re-hashed from other movies, and the majority of those 45 minutes were from "Crimson Tide." I guess sampling is alive and well in the movie industry as well.

Reviewed by dncorp1 / 10

Another Michael Dud-i-koff Movie Failure to Deliver.

As a Joint Services Special warfare Officer (U.S. Army Special Forces, U.S.A.F. Special Operations Wing, U.S.M.C. MARSOC, U.S.N. S.E.A.L. and Agency),I ended up being Trained as a U.S. Navy Executive Officer on a U.S. Navy CVN (Aircraft Carrier) and a U.S. Navy Boat (Submarine) 668i. With main intent of learning things necessary to conduct a "Triple R" Mission of Rescue the Passengers and Crew of Ships and Submarines, Recapture any Ship or Submarine and get that to a Safe Location with a minimal numbers of crew, Recovery of the bodies of the deceased (murdered or Killed In Action).

Typical of any U.S. Navy Vessel, Ships or Boats (Submarines),are a Security Detachment of Armed U.S.M.C. Marines that secure all Restricted Areas of the Ship or Boat (Submarine) including small arms weapons storage to stop a Mutiny.

As U.S Department of the Navy Directives, Regulations, U.S. Navy Boats (Submarines) especially with Nuclear Weapons aboard as "National Security Assets" as higher than the value of anybody's life, responding to an Emergency are NOT allowed to surface and be possibly be detected as a "Breach of National Security" (a Charge Higher than Treason). The U.S. Navy Boat (Submarine) remains "On Station" at Periscope Depth from long range and guides Surface Vessels and or Aircraft to the Area Only, as a Maximum as breaking Radio Silence, any other Actions means Automatically found Guilty while Absent from Courts Martial, "Guilty Inabsentia". As Procedure, the Next in the Chain of Command MUST by Regulation Relieve that Person In Command that Ordered more than prescribed by U.S. Department of Defense Directives, U.S. Navy Directives and Regulations, etc..

Reviewed by erwan_ticheler2 / 10

B Grade 13 in a dozen nonsense flick

Michael Dudikoff is one of those "actors" in Hollywood that makes his living on B grade action movies that don't have any story or fun what so ever.The same goes for "Crash Dive", a totally inert flick that borrows heavily from "Under Siege","Die Hard" and so forth.The acting is horrible as is the story.Come on,a middle east terrorist group (that contains Russian speaking Germans WAAHAA) that invades a sub marine and then wants to destroy New York or Washington to rule the world.The same old story told without any humor.I'm starting to feel a little sea sick now...

At one point I was cheering for the terrorists,I mean who would put nukes on a sub.Then you're begging for total destruction.Dudikoff is no action hero and he wouldn't be a good terrorist either,he's below that. And then that ugly "Russian" woman,she looks awful,why couldn't she die earlier? No surprises,bad acting,a dull story.lame one liners and ridiculous special effects (the explosion in the Empire State Building is stuff from the forties,I mean really) make for a totally forgettable VHS B grade movie. Dudikoff should be fired once and for all or killed by those movie terrorists...

2/10 (just because it's not that awful for a 1.)

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