Country Crush


Action / Drama / Family / Music / Musical / Romance / War

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled46%
IMDb Rating5.110726

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Jana Kramer Photo
Jana Kramer as Katherine Bishop
Kevin McGarry Photo
Kevin McGarry as Cody Bishop
Kristian Bruun Photo
Kristian Bruun as Barney
Munro Chambers Photo
Munro Chambers as Charlie Bishop
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mmthos5 / 10


Classic Hollywood style musical, country set, set to country music. Pretty people well-filmed, time-worn and time-tried story accompanied by pleasant, if unmemorable music.

Adequate commercial product.

Reviewed by stevepat992 / 10

Awkward musical numbers...nonsensical story line

Out of the starting gate I am not a county western musical fan. That aside, I gave this movie a fair shot being a sucker romdrams. I agree many musical numbers seemed disjointed and out of place. The nightclub musical number, hot and sweaty turns into a near lap dance frenzy. Charlie's baby face, plus his shorter then Nancy stature, gives him the look of her much younger brother. Casting them as the lead couple seems all wrong.

The plot turns nonsensical. Nancy tells her girlfriend that Brad, her so called producer, is 'not my boyfriend' and then states flat out 'he'll procure nothing from me but music.' Meaning, she's Brad's hot new talent but they have yet to do the dirty deed and for sure have not committed to being a couple. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

It does turn 'wrong' when, a couple hours later, she goes out of her way to tell Charlie "I have a boyfriend" and when Brad calls her moments later she ends the call with "I love you." So strange since no one says "I love you" on the phone when they have never uttered those words face to face. Given this nonsense the remainder of the film makes little sense.

Nancy returns to the city and before we know it Charlie is heading on a bus to see her. How? Nancy sent Charlie a text inviting him to a bar/club, you know where guys n gals drink, dance and party the night away. Why? We have no idea since she has just confessed her 'love' for boyfriend Brad.

Of all the places to meet Charlie why in the world would Nancy choose a club where she knows Brad could show up at any moment, which is exactly what happens. This leaves Charlie, after his long bus ride, hearing Nancy utter these sweet words...."Charlie this is my boyfriend Brad." Beyond awkward.

Charlie basically offers Nancy a 30 second lecture on the evils of sleeping one's way to the top. On the other hand, if we are to believe Nancy she's holding her own i.e. "the only thing Brad will get from me is my music." Who then is stringing who along? A final scene, necessary for a big musical number, forces us to believe the entire town shows up to smile their support for Charlie.

Reviewed by pamiejane10 / 10

My rating is so high there aren't enough stars

Yes, this movie is totally cheesy, but have you ever tasted really delicious, mouth-watering cheese? Every single cheesy bite of this movie is pure heaven. The musical numbers are stuck in, the plot is predictable, but sometimes a movie just works and this one works flawlessly; it's better than "The Holiday," "Dirty Dancing," or "Titanic" all rolled together; it makes "Downton Abbey" look thin, and "Notting Hill" look anemic. But warning; this movie is super-addictive! Watch at your own risk.

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