Cougar Hunting


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by destroyerwod8 / 10

This is how you do teen humour the right way !!!

I was bored tonight and didn't know what to watch... i got like 25 DVDs line up and can't pick one... all movies i never saw... but didn't felt like it. Suddenly i remember i got that one... laying around and just decided to watch it... FRENCH version... I put it in... and oh HOLY poop(cause weirdly it seem the other word is prohibed... wtf???) i had a blast. Really i laugh my ass off all movie long. Sure its Teen humour, its crude comedy, but it do brilliantly what it is supposed to do. The funny part is that i watch it with my mother, which is nearly 55 years old(not a cougar tough lol) and she was laughing and having fun too ! So i think this movie win of all side of what its trying to do, a brainless comedy. Sure its not cinematic masterpiece... not by any mean, but its funny as crazy and score big time as a teen comedy a la American pie.

I even watched a french version from France(quite different from our french in Quebec) and even tough at first it was weird hearing the bizarre words and dialogue from France i got used to it and had a lot of fun. Im sure this movie is probably super fun in English too. So i really don't understand the 3.0 rating... it deserve at least a 5 by IMDb standards(which are always lower than what the movie really deserve) and I'm glad tough people that took the time to review it are mostly positive.

Reviewed by soperfamilyfarm8 / 10

Hilariously funny...American Pie style

Watched this the other night with the hubby. It was rather raunchy humor but had us in stitches the entire time! NOT a kid friendly movie. Reminded me of American Pie. I don't know why others gave it such bad reviews. I thought the plot flowed well. There wasn't overkill on the female nudity which is nice for a change. I love the "cougars" in the movie. I thought they played the part well and honestly, they are beautiful woman for their ages! The actors were great! It was nice to see some new faces on the screen. This is a movie that I would actually buy. I know my teenage son would watch repeatedly and never grow tired of it. Definitely a must-see if you like to laugh and you aren't put off by toilet humor.

Reviewed by digdog-785-7175386 / 10

Solid Six

Saw Cougar Hunting today, figured it was going to be your run-of-the- mill pee&fart jokes film and true enough, it starts out like that, but soon turns into a decent coming of age flick, whilst keeping the toilet humour sidekicks, yet decently acted and scripted, for a fresher look at the "seen it all before" teen film.

A trio of teenage friends - Tom, Dick and Tyler set forth from their small, no hopes of getting laid town to go to work the off season in Aspen, after a friend's revelation that "it's full of Cougars(mature, attractive women)who want to bang", and while Tom(Jareb Dauplaise)and Dick(Randy Wayne)keep true to their cougar-hunting ideal, recently- dumped Tyler(lead Matt Prokop)immediately falls for love interest Penelope(Jillian Murray); random chaos ensues, as Tyler tries to prove that he's in fact an old-skool romantic and not a cougar hunter.

Cue final clash and happy ending(no film of this kind escapes the formula),and that's Cougar Hunting all wrapped up for you; sure, not the most exciting film of the season, but surely not a 2.7; decent acting, good supporting, well paced and pretty much sufficient in every other aspect - and best of all, not horribly pretentious.

Not as dementedly funny as NATM, but still worthy of:

Final vote - 6/10

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