1963 [FRENCH]

Action / Drama / Romance

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Jean-Luc Godard Photo
Jean-Luc Godard as Lang's Assistant Director
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Brigitte Bardot as Camille Javal
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Jack Palance as Jeremy Prokosch
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Fritz Lang as Fritz Lang
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer8 / 10

better than most Godard films--and with gorgeous cinematography

I must first point out that I don't particularly like Godard's films, so this makes my reviews a bit biased. Of course, those who think he is a genius are biased as well, so the reader of this review will just need to find out for themselves if he's a genius or a highly overrated and pretentious director. After seeing films such as Alphaville and Prenom Carmen, I am definitely a believer that he is the latter.

There is a germ of an excellent film here in the plot. There are parallel stories occurring--the Odyssey being re-made and a writer who treats his beloved wife with indifference. Although I read a review that could not understand why the wife so quickly went from loving to hating him, I could see this, so my only average review is not due to this. Instead, it is the stupidity of the camera work. Godard was proud that he was NOT like old-school directors (who, for example, tried to artistically frame their work) and would let the camera wander off-track or slide back and forth instead of the usual shots. Many consider this great, but I just think it's annoying. It's amazing that such beautiful locations and Technicolor are practically wasted due to deliberately sloppy camera techniques. Given a different director with different sensibilities, this would have been a much better film. Interestingly enough, the great director Fritz Lang is a major character in the movie and he plays himself. Too bad Lang did not direct this as well. Oh, and Jack Palance is in the movie as well playing a jerk of a producer. I hope producers really aren't like him in real life! FYI--there is a decent amount of nudity in the movie. While not super-explicit, parents are advised against letting kids see this. You certainly do get to see a bunch of shots of Ms. Bardot's exquisite butt, so Bardot fans should make this a must-see.

I should also add that the musical score was wonderful, but it was, at times, poorly integrated--being way too loud and intrusive.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

some interesting, some boring

Director Fritz Lang (himself) is filming the Odyssey. Sleazy American producer Jeremy Prokosch (Jack Palance) is angry at Lang's overly artistic vision and hires writer Paul Javal (Michel Piccoli) to rework the script. The playboy Prokosch takes Paul's wife Camille (Brigitte Bardot) on a ride. Paul and Camille struggle with their troubled relationship.

Jack Palance plays the most interesting character. I like the first act as he gets in between the couple and even the constant translation. I'm less interested in the fighting couple. It's a stylized breakdown of a marriage and not really my taste. It might be all kinds of hidden artistic fun being had but all I got is Bardot's bare bottom. The style keeps the couple at a distance. I never really got involved in their troubles.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho7 / 10

The Tragic End of a Relationship

In Italy, the writer Paul Javal (Michel Piccoli) is hired for US$ 10,000.00 by the arrogant American producer Jeremy Prokosch (Jack Palance) to rewrite the screenplay of a commercial version of Ulysses and his Odyssey to be directed by Fritz Lang. Paul intends to use the money to quit the payments of the modern apartment where he lives with his wife and former typist Camille Javal (Brigitte Bardot). When Jeremy invites Camille and Paul to have a drink with him in his cottage, Paul asks Camille to go alone with Jeremy in his red Alfa Romeo, while he would go by taxi. He arrives later and finds Camille upset; his ambitious act destroys their marriage.

"Le Mépris" is the story of the end of a relationship through the amoral act of a husband leaving his gorgeous and sexy wife with his boss probably to take advantages in the contract. There is an indication in the previous night that their marriage had troubles since Camille questions her husband in bed whether she is still beautiful and attractive. There are nice moments in the story like the nudity of Brigitte Bardot; the cameo participation of Fritz Lang playing himself; and the posters of many classics or Roberto Rossellini's "Viaggio in Italia" in the movie theater. There is an analogy between Ulysses and Penelope and Paul and Camille along the plot. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "O Desprezo" ("The Scorn")

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