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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by seniorlimpio10 / 10

Very unique masterwork of indie filmmaking

Jumping persistently between so many couples throughout the entire movie is a technique I've never really seen before, especially in how it so effectively sucks you in AND breaks most Hollywood conventions while still being relatable. Conception earns its R rating through edgy adult dialogue and sparse nudity without jumping onto the "shock value" bandwagon of tastelessness and pointless crudity.

This is a sweet movie at heart, and Stolberg's ability to navigate through a wide variety of characters that you quickly grow to love and understand without the slightest bit of confusion makes it quite a rare gem.

And, for any of us who know filmmaking- shooting it in ten days (at least that's what I read somewhere) with roughly ten locations (I think),one for each couple, is flat out remarkable- and it certainly doesn't hurt to have such an experienced, likable, recognizable cast filling out every single scene: it's not often (or ever) that every single face in a low-budget movie with so many characters can actually be recognized, let alone have been pulled from some of the most groundbreaking television (and some movies) of the last few years- though half of those cast are actually working on hot shows right now.

This isn't a cliché-ridden, formulaic romantic comedy where characters are forced to figure out how much they really love each other, then lose each other, then get back together in the end- it's hanging out with real people who subtly (if not sneakily) grow on you, straight through to a culmination that ties everything together in a very charming way.

Reviewed by burnslauren10 / 10

SO funny... it taps into all the awkward moments and keeps on surprising you!

I saw Conception last spring at the Boston film festival. We picked it because the story seemed different, sweet and funny. I thought I would be able to relate even if I hadn't been down that road, and I was looking for a good laugh, with a little romance and hopefully something more than the average romantic comedy. We were familiar with and loved a lot of the cast members. I had seen them in different movies and shows and thought they would work really well together.

After watching I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed it... It was hilarious! The touching moments were authentic. And with each accurate, awkward and emotion filled scene you can picture the situation happening yourself or someone you know too well. I loved it and I couldn't stop laughing- it's definitely a must see!!

Reviewed by fireflypsngr10 / 10

Excellent, Hilarious, Overall Great Cast and Crew - Great Job

The movie is just so very well done. It is truly excellent. It's about what happens at conception. I am a prude and I went to see this movie at the Newport Beach Film Festival because Alan Tudyk is in this movie. In my opinion Alan usually steals every scene. In this movie everyone did a great job. I really loved Jonathan Silverman and Jennifer Finnigan all the couples had different situations and it was well balanced. There are many different situations in which people conceive. There were moments when I looked away during certain parts. I enjoyed all the stories because of the honesty that came through. The way this movie was edited was really well done. Alan Tudyk was great as always.

I left the theater very happy to have been able to see this movie. This is one of those little gems that is precious and hard to find. If you want to watch a hilariously funny, sexy romantic comedy this is the movie for you.

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