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Sam Elliott as Conn Conagher
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Barry Corbin as Charlie McCloud, Stage Driver
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Katharine Ross as Evie Teale
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Pepe Serna as Casuse, Ladder Five Rider
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hitchcockthelegend8 / 10

You came asking for it, I didn't send no invites!

Conagher is directed by Reynaldo Villalobos and adapted to teleplay by Jeffrey M. Meyer from the novel written by Louis L'Amour. It stars Sam Elliott, Katharine Ross, Barry Corbin, Ken Curtis, Buck Taylor, Dub Taylor and James Gammon. Music is by J.A.C. Redford and cinematography by James R. Bagdonas.

After her husband fails to return from a trip to purchase cattle, Mrs. Evie Teale (Ross) fights hard to raise her two children whilst also keeping the family homestead afloat. Conn Conagher (Elliott) is a honest and hardworking cowboy who also has his own life struggles to contend with. Both Evie and Conn find their lives intertwined by their struggles against the perils of the West...

You don't know what music is until you hear the wind in the cedars.

Beautiful and subtle in every respect, Conagher is a treat for the grown up Western fan. The story is literate off the page from the beginning, it's the sort of character study that often gets taken for granted due to its simplicity. Yet the emotional depth is mightily strong here, the lead characters not bogged down by clichés or badly constructed scenes. Both Evie and Conn are deftly etched people, both easy to get on side with, their strengths are many, their loneliness perfectly understandable and never once schmaltzy. Helps that it's the real life husband and wife team of Ross and Elliott in the roles, the chemistry set in stone, when they look into each other's eyes you see it's real. A fine couple they do make.

Even though Villalobos takes his time, rightly pacing it in steady and reflective beats, it's a film that doesn't lack for action. There's still gun play (Indian attack/rustler root outs) and a good round of knuckles (Elliott one of the best punch throwers in his acting era),the director, no doubt helped by the wily Elliott, proving more than adept at construction of the energetic scenes. Bagdonas and Villalobos provide some gorgeous photographic compositions that belie the TV movie budget, with the Colorado (Buckskin Joe Frontier Town & Railway/Canon City) vistas an extra character; and the misty interiors nicely capturing the tonal mood of the narrative. A fine gathering of support character actors come up trumps, while Redford's musical score is led by the guitar and lands softly in the ears.

This is 100% recommended to Elliott and Western fans who appreciate characters superbly written and performed. It may end up as you expect, but that's OK, because if it didn't then you may well have wanted to throw your TV out the window. Just like I would have done had it not ended the way it does! Conagher, a subtle and beautiful treat. 8.5/10

Reviewed by bkoganbing7 / 10

One hard country

If you think you see some similarity between this film and the John Wayne classic western Hondo you're a sharp person. That's because both were written by Louis L'Amour and both have a cowboy hero aiding a woman alone on the frontier with her children.

Katherine Ross plays the woman who has a small ranch that also serves as a stagecoach station.. But that small amount of base income is about to be cut off as a new station is being built, As for her ranch, Ross's husband is gone for some months now on a cattle buying trip with no word when or if he's returning.

Sam Elliott is our title character hero and he's riding line for Ken Curtis's ranch and doing his best to keep thieves off the range. Curtis is beset by rustlers and Elliott does get tempted to look the other way. But like Hondo Lane, Conagher is your straight up cowboy hero, the kind we seldom see in our more cynical age.

Real life marrieds Sam Elliott and Katherine Ross have some tender scenes as she and he would like to get together. But as long as the missing husband's status is still missing they will be true to their moral code.

The supporting cast has a several familiar western faces. My favorite is Barry Corbin the stagecoach driver who even with his company not subsidizing Ross, he has a great personal concern for Ross and her kids.

Conagher answers in a positive way the question of whether we see westerns like we used to see. Most affirmatively with this one.

Reviewed by ma-cortes6 / 10

Attractive but typical Western with fine acting by marriage in real life : Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross

Nice western , short in action but entertaining enough , dealing with a woman named Evie Tale : Katharine Ross , her two children and a cowboy called Conagher : Sam Elliott . When her husband : Billy Green Bush disappears, Evie Tale is living in the middle of nowhere and she stands only with her two sons . While Conagher works as a cowboy for cattle rancher Seaborn: Ken Curtis and facing off rustlers led by James Gammon. But shortly after , the two-fisted drifter called Conagher shows up to help the widow Evie and to live with her . Along the way Conagher takes on takes on problems , rustlers and outlaws : James Gammon , Pepe Serna .

An ordinary , if poorly plotted Western about an experimented cowboy and a lonely mistress . Slow-moving and passable Western in which the starring takes long time to decide to end up in the arms of the mature widow Lady. Cable television rendition of Louis L'Amour novel, in fact the film is dedicated to Western expert Louis L'Amour. Nevertheless, it doesn't have much interest , neither intensity , though Sam Elliott captures his role pretty well . Duo of charming protagonists, marriage in real life , Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross are frankly good , in fact they were producers, screenwriters and actors of this acceptable film . Their relationship started in "Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid" that both of whom played in their starts , following "The Legacy" , among others . And star Sam Elliott is a detached figure in Western genre , being one of its main representatives , performing a lot of them in the Eighties and Nineties , as cinema as TV , such as : Cactus , Houston The Legend of Texas , Yellow Rose , The Quick and the Dead , Gettysburg , Hi-Lo County , You Know My Name , Buffalo Girls , Indians, Wild Times , The Shadow Riders , and several others . Both protagonists are well accompanied by a lot of familiar faces, such as : Gavan O'Herlihy, James Gammon, Daniel Quinn, Billy Green Bush, Dub Taylor who is father of Bud Taylor, Barry Corbin, Pepe Serna and Ken Curtis's final role. The motion picture was competently directed by Reynaldo Villalobos , an usual cameraman who has directed a few movies .

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